Statement by the Coalition of Northern Groups Dissociating the North From Planned “Revolution Match”


    3rd August, 2019
    The attention of the Coalition of Northern Groups has been called to an ongoing mobilization by some anonymous groups for a certain “Revolution Match” to hold nationwide beginning Monday, 5th March, 2019.
    After carefully reviewing the calls, the CNG has inadvertently arrived at the following conclusions:
    1. That the ultimate aim of the proponents of the match who are at best couriers of a foregn distabilization plot, has not been clearly and satisfactorily defined which renders the whole exercise suspect.
    2. The CNG remains unshakable in its understanding that every civil disagreement can be resolved through honest, sincere and open discussions without unnecessary recourse to actions liable to further inflame tensions without achieving lasting results.
    3. The CNG is not disposed to participating in, supporting, encouraging or in anyway promoting actions that are potentially violent sponsored by obscure organizations with suspicious motives.
    4. We have failed to see how the interest of particularly the northern people can be served by a movement led by people who have been directly or remotely connected to the decades-old agenda for the emasculation of the North.
    5. The CNG calls on all northerners to disregard the calls and resist the temptation of being dragged into participating in any way in a movement that would turn out to the diadvantage of the region.
    6. While the CNG categorically dissociates itself from the organization, promotion and participation in any conduct capable of worsening the already dicey situation the country, in particular the North, is in today.
    7. We reassert our commitment to the propagation and protection of the rights of all northerners and shall never fall into the traps set by its traditional internal and external traducers in whatever guise.
    8. We are quite aware of the covert and overt machinations of some western countries to achieve the final destabilization of Africa by targeting some key African nations which may not exclude Nigeria.
    The similar foreign agenda that unfolded with the ugly scenarios of destruction in Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Egypt and others are very fresh for us to realize the futility of jumping on a flight without knowing its actual destination.
    For the avoidance of doubt, the North shall at all times remain ready to enter into any civilized and decent discussion with any part of the country for whatever intent and purpose without succumbing to temptations of exposing innocent lives to unnecessary danger.


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