The man pictured below, kidnapped the three girls in this picture in Accra, Ghana, and demanded for ransom of hundreds of millions of GhC (remember: 1GhC = 100 NGN)! While negotiating for the ransom, he *clearly and boldly* told their loved ones that his name was Buba Muhammad and he is a *”Fulani Herdsman”* from Nigeria! This prompted them to post his name and the girls’ pictures on social media as a desperate move while the Ghanaian Police went after him. He was eventually caught by the Police although, unfortunately, he had, by then, killed all three of them because it was obvious that the ransom wasn’t going to be paid! And, when he was taken into custody, *look at what his passport was reading!* He couldn’t speak one word of Fulbe apart from saying the only Fulani town he knows is Jos!



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