Today is the day of joy and happiness to all of us as we celebrate the International Youth Day across the Globe. Young people are the precious asset the world cherish and the category of people putting their talents to use in the different fields of development to drive real changes in various sectors. Today there is about 1.5 billion youth generation across the globe which is the largest in history, and here in Katsina State we have almost to 4 million youth across the ages of 18 and 35 years.

Let me use this opportunity and thanks the Katsina State Government for empowering more than five thousands youth across the state, likewise the enrolment/training of over five thousands youth in various skills acquisition with starter packages, that summed off their number to nearly ten thousands beneficiaries. this is indeed, a giant stride in the youth development, with this development, I am still appealing to the Katsina State Government and relevant stake holders to double up their efforts and invest immensely in the youth sector. The rise of violence, thuggery, insecurity, extremism, and other social vices are as the result of youth unemployment. The young people in Katsina State today have curiosity to participate in any development project both in the government and private sectors.

Youth plays an important role as partners and leaders in development, the youth of today, more than 80% we are educated, healthy, morally and politically sound, we get all what its takes to positively contribute our part when we are employed and civically engaged in driving the economic growth, democracy, and prosperity. However, when the government and relevant stake holders fail to effectively engage us and address our unique needs, it can lead to violence, instability, unrest, insecurity and migration.

On the part of my fellow youth, I am calling you with strong and laud voice to replace developing the habit of cold feet with participation in development programs and invest wisely and hugely in yourselves to become resilient and self reliance as vital to development. Youths’ full participation in development efforts can instantly contribute to more sustainable investments to end poverty within the cycle of youth and society in general to build resilient, democratic societies, to improve health and food security, and to strengthen economic growth.

The youth of full potential and capacity we are, the youth of progress and dignity we become as long as we abide by the rule of law and uphold peace and unity of one progressive Katsina State and Nigeria, Katsina State is our home and we are the next generation of leaders, we must rise up to fight our challenges and build our capacity by working out our talent in either private sectors, government, NGOs or any other challenging careers. We have the resources, the conducive environment. The more we sought to live in peace and stability the less our challenges to overcome and the most our economic growth and development of today and in the future.

Build the Youth
Build the Nation

Comr. Hassan Usman Datti,
Chairman NYCN, Katsina State.


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