Kannywood’s Hauwa Kulu Records Success In Cinema

    • It is no longer news that Northern Nigeria entertainment industry, popularly know as Kannywood has embraced the norms of showing their movies in Cinema.

    The advent of Filmhouse Cinema Kano has since changed Hausa films marketing strategy. Maishadda Global Resources believed to be one of the production companies that dominated the theatre in the last two years. With films like Kalan Dangi, Mariya, In Search of the King, Sareena, Ana Ga Dare Ga Dare, Sareena Hafeez to mention a few, he had established himself as Kannywood most successful producers from 2016 to date. His movies has recorded much success in the Cinema.

    Exactly last week, Maishadda released own production company’s emotional tear-jercker, Hauwa Kulu, which turn out to be one of the biggest hit in 2019 so far.

    According to some statistics, 4,000 plus have watched the movie in Filmhouse Kano, a movie that narrated a story of a victim of rape.

    Hauwa Kulu which received positive responses since it is release on 11 August, 2019. Cinemagoers have also expressed their excitement for what they describe as best they watched in recent time.

    Maishadda’s musical extravaganza uses the idioms of Kannywood filmmaking, like reliance on melodrama and emotions, in a very interesting way. It is ostensibly about a family that stands for their daughter’s education and possibly married her off to her lover, but ends with a revelation about how she was raped by another man.

    Hauwa Kulu portrays the survivor’s staunch stand to achieve what she believes as her dream – education. Her father and boyfriend stand by her and do everything possible to take action against the abuser. In the movie, there are important indicators of how a family can and should support a survivor, to help them find the strength to move on.

    The movie is s showing at Filmhouse Cinema Kano till next week.

    The film’s direct approach to several aspects of child sexual abuse is, in many ways, unprecedented in mainstream Kannywood cinema. From the difficulties children may face in articulating the abuse they have experienced, being barred from accessing the language of sex, sexuality, and violence that would allow them to express it.


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