The attention of the former Governor of Zamfara state and former Chairman Nigeria Governors’ Forum Hon Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar has been drawn to stories making rounds in the media that the former Governor’s accounts with some Banks have been frozen by the ICPC.
While confirming the fact that the former Governor is currently subjected to series of investigations by the nation’s anti-corruption bodies following petitions and allegations by whistle blowers, I am confident to inform the general public that there hasn’t been categorical statements from any of the anti-corruption agencies as regards to the culpability of His Excellency in line with ridiculous allegations of the whistle blowers.
ln view of the above, I am obliged to reaffirm the position of the former Governor not to comment on the ongoing investigations by the anti-corruption bodies, but rather allow them to carry out their responsibilities as required by law.
However, I will like to correct the impression being created on both the traditional and social media platforms as sponsored by the enemies of the former Governor who vowed to see him disgraced and humiliated, after serving his state and the country diligently. It is a well known maxim of law that no suspect is guilty, until he is proven by a court of competent jurisdiction.
Yari as the former Governor of Zamfara state and a true muslim who knows the consequences of failure to fulfil oath of office, had sworn to the Holy Quran to serve his people honestly and diligently, which he did and had served to the best of his ability.
The former Governor had therefore no regrets in serving his state and the country to the best of his ability. The former Governor neither regrets his refusal to allow Zamfara money be pilfered by those after him today, nor using the public funds judiciously, but rather standing by his decision to provide his people with the infrastructure that are vital to the development of the state.
The former Governor who was also the chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum had selflessly and meritoriously served the nation in several fronts as can be testified by the stakeholders in the affairs of the Governors’ Forum.
His Excellency former Gov Abdulaziz Yari has no regrets in anyway in the discharge of his responsibilities both as the Governor of Zamfara state and the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum.
As a true and responsible citizen of Nigeria, he believes in the rule of law and that no matter how long it takes, the truth shall prevail.
Those after the former Governor should wait for their turn as God Almighty neither sleeps nor allow injustice to prevail for ever.
The former Governor allows who ever wishes to hold his peace as there will be time to respond appropriately.
Like I said earlier, the former Governor will respond appropriately when the anti-corruption agencies complete their investigations.
However, we watch with keen interest, the anti-corruption bodies, the actions they will take against those who falsely blew the whistle against His Excellency, the former Governor, Abdulaziz Yari.
Like I also said in my previous statement, people who falsely blew whistle against some former and serving government officials are now serving various jail terms in the Nigerian Prisons.
We also watch with keen interest, actions of the anti-corruption agencies against those sponsored media outfits that used the agencies names in tarnishing the image of good and patriotic Nigerians who laboured for this nation in good faith. Unless otherwise, the agencies are selective in discharging their duties for selective justice.

Hon Ibrahim Dosara
Media Aide to Former Gov Yari


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