An Open Letter To The Director General Of The State Security Service By Comr Aminu shuaibu Musawa !!!


Dear sir,

I’m writing this very important letter to you personally to express my concern regarding the issue of SEXUAL HARASSMENT in our academic environment especially higher institutions of learning. I preferred to write an open letter because i considered it as the most easiest way of reaching you as it’s very difficult for an ordinary person like me to reach your office for a verbal discussion.

Sir, there are a lot of reports from our national dailies and social media platforms almost every blessful week narrating many instances of SEXUAL HARASSMENT by lecturers to their female students in return or exchange for academic favours.Sir, If this shameless act continue without taking any immediate and serious actions of stopping it definitely parents would be very afraid and scared to send their daughters to higher institutions and our higher educational system will collapse and the image of this present administration will also be reduce to the ground level.

Sir, in view of the aforementioned matter, i strongly call on the agency under your leadership capacity to initiate and coordinate a special covert operation in our higher educational institutions so that all those bad eggs whose hide under the immunity and umbrella of lecturing in destroying the lives of our dear sisters and daughters will be fish out and punish decisively.

Among all the security agencies that we have in this country i and many concerned citizens believe that only DSS have the capacity and courage of doing this great work of cleaning and sanitizing our academic institutions free from any SEXUAL HARASSMENT.

Thank you sir for treating this issue with urgent attention it deserves being you as an experienced intelligence officer who specializes in the area of intelligence gathering, research analysis and general investigations.
Yours sincerely,
COMR AMINU SHUAIBU MUSAWA, from my Facebook account


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