Filmhouse Extends ‘Hauwa Kulu’ Showtime


    The management of Filmhouse Cinema Kano, has extended the Showtime of Kannywood biggest blockbuster of 2019 to one week, that makes it a second film to get such extension this year. The last was Wakili.

    Abubakar Bashir Maishadda, the producer of Hauwa Kulu noted that the extension happened as results of wide popularity and positive reviews Hauwa Kulu garnered from both, filmmakers and cinemagoers.

    He said, “We made a film that people like. We do maximum publicity to keep masses abreast on all the happenings before and after the release.

    “Hausa film lovers enjoyed watching Hauwa Kulu to the extent that they keep coming back to watch it again. Also, those living in far town are still thronging hall to have the glance. That is why the Management of Filmhouse Cinema decided to extend the Showtime.” Said Maishadda.

    However, he express his gratitude to those that show him support during the premiere of the movie.

    Hauwa Kulu portrays the survivor’s staunch stand to achieve what she believes as her dream – education. Her father and boyfriend stand by her and do everything possible to take action against the abuser. In the movie, there are important indicators of how a family can and should support a survivor, to help them find the strength to move on.

    The film’s direct approach to several aspects of child sexual abuse is, in many ways, unprecedented in mainstream Kannywood cinema. From the difficulties children may face in articulating the abuse they have experienced, being barred from accessing the language of sex, sexuality, and violence that would allow them to express it.

    Hauwa Kulu demonstrates the power of being able to say “No” to abuse and unwanted advances, and the sheer courage it takes. Not only does it show how the effects of such abuse can persist lifelong, it also addresses the fact that often, sexual abuse occurs at the hands of close family members or acquaintances.

    Indeed, the movie demonstrates that Sexual Abuse of children is a serious, difficult to tackle problem, and an attempt to draw attention to it in a sensitive manner in a medium that can reach millions is more than welcome – it’s necessary.

    The new Showtime is 10:30am and 6:00pm


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