Young chemist with 25 published papers


    Iranian Dr. Ehsan Nazarzadeh Zare is just 32 years old but he has published 25 scientific papers and 5 of his works are to be published soon.
    Civilian residential areas of Iranian border provinces were being continuously bombarded by the army of Saddam Hussein during the 1980-1988 war. In the course of the years that Iranian south-western city of Dezful was hit with 174 missiles and 1064 rocket shells of Ba’athis, a boy was born in the city to become one of the youngest groundbreakers in the field of Polymer Chemistry in the world.

    Dr. Ehsan Nazarzadeh Zare was born in 12 January 1984 in Dezful and did his schooling there before leaving his hometown in 2002 en route the neighboring province of Lorestan for doing his BS in Chemistry.

    Five years later he enrolled in the state university of North-Western city of Urmia to do his post-graduate course on polymer chemistry. After doing his two-year MS, he was immediately accepted in PhD program of Mazandaran University and last year he finished his doctorate dissertation defending it with honors.

    Now holding a PhD in Polymer Chemistry, he is lecturing in Mazandaran University along with conducting research and inking the results as scientific papers. Out of his 30 scientific papers, 25 have been published in ISI-listed journals and 5 have been accepted to be printed out later.

    Twenty titles of his works have been listed in Google Scholar, and according to the search engine’s database they have received 107 citations just in 2015.

    He has presented his findings in more than 20 international conferences and his last work to be presented in the 3rd International Congress on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (ICNT2015) is titled Synthesis of electro-magnetic nanocomoposite based on aniline, p-phenylenediamine and iron oxide for efficient removal of Cd (II) from water.

    Dr. Ehsan Nazarzadeh Zare has also coauthored a book along with one of his PhD advisors and the book is under printing currently.

    Conductive polymers and nanocomposites is one of his top research interests along with synthesis of nanostructures, modification of natural polymers, chelating polymers for removal of heavy metals ions and dyes, Synthesis of polymer for drug delivery, Synthesis of nanocomposite as an anticorrosion coating, and Biological activity of synthesized materials.

    Dr. Nazarzadeh Zare has peer reviewed for Caspian Journal of Applied Sciences Research, International Journal of Materials Science and Applications and a host of other journals and conferences.

    Nazarzadeh Zare is the member of Iranian Polymer Science and Engineering Society in addition to the American Chemical Society (ACS), Iranian Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Society, and Iranian Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Society.

    Now Dr. Nazarzadeh Zare is asked to review the papers submitted to 14 international journals which are published by prestigious science publishers like Wiley, Springer, and Elsevier.

    His newest paper has been available online since 18 May 2015 as it is published in issue No. 130 of Carbohydrate Polymers Journal titled ‘Multilayered electromagnetic bio-nano-composite based on alginic acid: Characterization and biological activities.’

    Along with his co-researcher, Dr. Nazarzadeh Zare managed to synthesize a novel class of multilayered PACP@Fe3O4@AA bio-nano-composites via the emulsion polymerization which is a good alternative for designing of the electro-chemical biosensor, removal of heavy metal ions, anticorrosion coating, and medicine.


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