Rimi Local Government Council: A Day Of Kind


    By Ahmad Abdullahi Rimi

    Today being saturday the 31 day of August 2019 had a witness a programme which everybody can refer it as A DAY OF ITS KIND in the history of our great kingdom.

    Alhamdulillahi the programme went on smoothly as expected as all the invited quest had attend and some who were not had send their apologies.

    The summit as the name implies will look at the following :-

    1. A data base for all bonifide indigene of Rimi local government across the globe.
    2. A long term (2019-2023) and short term (2020) plan of actions.
    3. Adoption of the committee report for consideration.


    1.General office renovations and other furnitures and fittings.

    1. Both L.G.A and L.E.A staff are not fully train on computer and other mordern method of data processing, so in this regard hon Abdullahi had train almost 70 % of this local government staff.

    He further notice that Rimi local government lacks junior staffs and as such, 10 people were sent on training at college of Admin at Funtua and now they were employ and being posted into some department as computer operators and clerical staffs.

    As such, now under his leadership 12 interested individuals got admission to study at Open University which all their registration fees were paid.


    Before, Rimi had not up to 50 personnel to include police officers, DSS, Civil Defence, Immigration and now in his effort to secure our place he now increase ‘Yan Banga to 150, Civil Defence on casual basis to 50 and each and every month their allowancies were paid.

    A joint effort between Hon. Chairman and Hon Korau a Rimi Local government State House to renovates some police outpost at Abukur and the remaining two will soon come up.

    L.E.A inconjuction with local government attend a one day workshop for a master plan as education for all.

    A general renovations of some schools, provision of furniture and other daily school needs. 38 student were sent to craft village for a training and now among them 2 had benefited from takeup equipment from his excellency.

    3 women centres were provided and now they produce vaseline, and some are now toilors. 30 men were train on chalk production and very soon they will be employed to produce the chalks for both official and commercials activities.

    A newly primary school is under construction at sabuwar unguwar rimi which under his leardership had paid 10% of the cash backing and the remaining will be paid by CSDP

    Lack of funding had delayed and lead some several project remain uncompleted, and up to now still use school premises were not paid some since 1970 but now in his effort some were paid.

    Each and every month, a sum of 110 milliom is being use for the payment of both L.G.A and L.E.A staff salaries which is very commendable.

    Several health centres were renovated and fully equiped with medicare and staffs. And there is unuse cars which were now put on use and posted to some hospital for conveying of a patience and an accident victims.

    Since he came into power, several heavy motors were remain iddled and no plan for such as some had damage engine, flat tyre or other technical problems, but now he put them in use and serves as a sources of revenue to the local government and this heavy motors includes:- Roller, Tipper, Water tankers.


    Rimi had a problem of light across the ten wards, so in his effort to curtail the situation a mordalities had being worked out and the whole process will gulp a sum of 221m and Insha Allahu very soon light problem will be a history.

    In his effort to better up the hospital conditions and facilities, Hon Turaji meet the permanace seceretary of Katsina health service board and briefed him about the condition of the hospital and he assured him that his excellency will looked into it and come up with the mordalities of posting more health personnel insha Allahu.


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