Photo News: see photos of Al’hamsad Rice, one of the best home grown rice mills


Al-Hamsad Rice, one of the best home grown rice mills, produced in Kano at affordable price to esteem customers. The company loaded two trailers on daily basis under demand by outside Kano customers, apart from the one purchased by major dealers in Kano.

The rice mill was solely established by a business mogul cum transporter, philanthropist and owner of Al-Hamsad Tours, Alh. Dalhatu Abubakar thereby creating employment opportunity of over 100 people.

A visit to the Rice Mill located at Kundila Road, Bompai, Kano state, I was not only impressed but amazed and flattered with the huge investment and employment opportunities created by this patriotic and selfless citizen. If Kano will have people like Dalhatu employment will be easy, many will prepare working with companies rather than government.

On the other hand government should applauded his efforts by reducing employment rate in the state, while those employed must work hard and be honest and transparent for the survival of the co.

Wishing him Allah’ guidance, protection and all the best. May Allah (SWA) reward him abundantly. Ameen.

Long live Al-Hamsad Rice Mill
Long live Customers of the Product
Long live Consumers of the Product


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