Why Governor Masari’s Peace Treaty Should Be Supported


Lawal mamman Dawai
What we need most is peace and peaceful coexistence, the kidnapping and killings either way is one too much, there is need to take seriously the increasing fears and anxiety into consideration. The space is populated by many threats to socioeconomic and political stability. There is certainly the need for the government to revisit the approach adopted, government has a need to seek for reconciliation and not just conflict, by formulating and sustaining a multi interest platform for dialogue and the prevention as well as management and control of any conflict as required. Sometimes, getting to know and have a ready made document is very essential as this will help give the society the chance to solve it’s problem of survival. Which hopefully if reviewed in character, genesis and orientation could eventually find again, that common ground of trust and unity and could rekindle the faith in both. We urgently need stability and harmony to overcome the dire stress and strains confronting not only Katsina State but the region at large, which in my views, there are many common grounds to do this: through the promotion of non discriminatory ethics and positive attitudes. Behaviour manifestation could be used to cement bounds notably by sharing that taste and idles with common denominator.
Government, should formulate guidelines covering method/modalities, medium/format and persons to be involved in the process…
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