AYEML Condemns Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa


African Youths Emancipation League (AYEML) a pan-African organisation, frowns at the attitude of the Government of South Africa for her lacklustre response to the incessant killings of innocent foreigners in their country.

In a press statement made available to newsmen on Wednesday, the Executive Director, AYEML in Nigeria, Dr. Igbayima Terfa Jr, regards with dismayed over the South African government’s insensitivity to the gruesome murder of foreigners living in South Africa; a situation that has been going on for some days now. 

The group noted that it is disheartening that Africa now sheds the blood of her own people without remorse.

The statement read: “The leadership of African Youths Emancipation League (AYEML), has reviewed the recent and incessant  killings of innocent foreigners in South Africa under xenophobia pretense, a situation which has the potential to force aggrieved foreign African Youths who are directly or indirectly affected to seek corresponding revenge against South African Nationals living in their country. For God sake, we Africans are one and should be seen as such.

“The palpable tension generated by the renewed killings of innocent foreigners in South Africa has exacerbated to a dangerous dimension, which must be quickly mitigated by the South African government fast, for normalcy to be restored.

“It should be recalled that Africans all stood for South Africa and invested so much in terms of its liberation from oppressive white monopoly rule and long years of apartheid. Africans collectively gave so much for the liberation struggle in South Africa to end apartheid regime.

“These senseless killings are not acceptable to AYEML, and we have raised serious concerns about the escalating attack and killing of innocent foreigners residing in South Africa. 

We urge the South African government to to take decisive measures to prevent further killings of foreigners in their soil. We call on leaders of all Africa nations to come together and put an end to this.” The statement said.


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