Masari at Bandits Camp: A Bold, Timely Step


Ibrahim Mu’azzam Abdullahi

Ordinarily, any state that failed in tackling a persistent problem for almost half a decade doesn’t deserve to be commended. For the record, however, it is worthy of note that Katsina State under Gov. Masari has made tremendous efforts since its inception to end the tragedy in question.

Katsina State, like other neighboring states have lost everything to banditry and other heinous crimes. Obviously, our states’ apparatuses and security architecture generally is not structured, neither are they equipped to bring this pathetic condition to a lasting end. From the hierarchy of authority, to personnel capacity and ratio, neither the Nigeria Police, nor the military is capable to address any terror act in Nigeria. This is the sad reality of our country today. Do we expect the Governor to stick to that, despite proving ineffective? Well, the most recent definition of madness is “doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result”. No intelligent, compassionate and dynamic leader, would refuse an alternative way! Well done Right Hon. Aminu Bello Masari.

For those who refuse to appreciate this side of statecraft, who see efforts to dialogue as fruitless or as art of cowardice; please reorient your minds on the concept of crisis management, or take recourse in global best practice in governance before rushing to debunk dialogue with bandits (Criminals, generally). Barack Obama, former US President once said “success one archives using his tongue (dialogue) is greater than that which is achievable using weapon”. This is clearly against the rhetoric of “America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists”. Also in the words of Theresa May, the immediate past Prime Minister of the UK while tendering her resignation after failing to deliver the controversial Brexit, “compromise becomes keen to our hearts as leaders, especially when we have got limited options”. She explained how important it is for Leaders to practice the art of compromise as it does not connote weakness.

For a Muslim, the Importance of Sulhu (negotiation, compromise and conciliation) is a fundamental strategy in conflict and crisis management. Allah (SWT) says “Al-Sulhu Khair”. It is emphasized further that Sulh is the best, especially when both parties are willing to embrace it.

Again, well done Rt. Hon Aminu Bello Masari. Katsina couldn’t have had it better.


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