7 Tips to Reduce Belly Fat


Belly fat, also known as Visceral fat is one of the fats in the body that is difficult to lose and very harmful to the body. Not only does belly fat distort the body shape, it is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other conditions. However, it can be reduced, if one follows judiciously the different abdominal reduction process. Here are 10 effective tips to reduce belly fat.

  1. Don’t Eat a Lot of Sugary Foods  

High sugar intake increases abdominal fat . It also contains fructose which when taken in excess can lead to type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases, etc. to avoid these, limit your intake of candy, and processed foods high in added sugar.

2) Do Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercise, also known as cardio, is an effective weight loss method. Studies suggest it is particularly effective in slimming your waistline. it includes skipping, brisk walking, running, swimming, sit up By definition, aerobic exercise means “with oxygen.” Your breathing and heart rate will increase during aerobic activities. Aerobic exercise helps keep your heart, lungs, and circulatory system healthy.

3. Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Diet

Drinking apple cider vinegar has impressive health benefits, including lowering blood sugar levels. It contains acetic acid, which has been shown to reduce abdominal fat storage in several animal studies. In a 12-week controlled study in obese men, those who took 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of apple cider vinegar per day lost half an inch (1.4 cm) from their waists

However, be sure to dilute it with water, as undiluted vinegar can erode the enamel on your teeth.

4) Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has recently become very popular for weight loss. It’s an eating pattern that cycles between periods of eating and periods of fasting. One popular method involves 24-hour fasts once or twice a week. Another consists of fasting every day for 16 hours and eating all your food within an 8 hour period.

5) Drink Green tea

Regularly drinking of green tea has been connected to weight loss, though it’s probably not effective on its own, it works better when combined with exercise.

6) Eat foods that burn belly fat

Pepper – helps you stay out of hunger.

Egg – high in lean protein and also helps keep your cravings in check.

Beans -Beans have the perfect balance of carb and proteins that will keep you full for hours. Black beans, kidney, lentils, garbanzo, and cannellini are all good choices.

Nuts and seeds- including almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachio, chia seeds, etc. they help to loose weight and increase metabolism.

Berries – metabolism and helping you shed belly fat fast. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, and  are good choices.

Avocados – They are full of fiber, which is fantastic for weight loss and oh so good for you! This healthy fat will actually tell your body to release fat! Enjoy ½ an avocado a day for best results.

Citrus Fruit – Another big metabolism booster, so much good for you vitamin c and so easy to work into your diet! Squeeze some lemon, lime, orange, or all three fruits into your water and sip all day. Enjoy an orange instead of your sugary snack, or a grapefruit when you crave sour candy.

Coconut – Another healthy fat that tells your body to release unwanted belly fat! Try adding coconut water or coconut milk to your morning smoothie, swap out cooking with butter for coconut oil.

Broccoli – More good for you greens, broccoli helps increase metabolism and helps you burn more belly fat.  And at just 30 calories per cup you can have as much as you want, so eat up!

7) Reduce Sugary Beverages

Sugary beverages like soda contribute to increased belly fat, and drinking added sugar can contribute to poor health and hinder any weight loss attempt. Opt for water as your beverage of choice if you want to achieve a flat stomach and avoid sugar crashes

There are no magic solutions to losing belly fat. It requires some effort, commitment and perseverance.


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