What You Need To Know About “Wutar Kara” Movie


    No doubts recent Kannywood progressive trend of showing latest movies in cinema. This week, the Arewa Entertainment set to witness another highly sophisticated and entertaining episode Hausa movie, Wutar Kara, from the stable of Maishadda Global Resources Nig. Ltd.
    Wutar Kara trailer is currently making waving across popular sites, particularly YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The clip of astounding look of the characters is mesmerizing and captivating.
    At first glance, Wutar Kara trailer would capture your mind because of its dramatic outlook. The flick looks completely different from what Maishadda Global Resources has produced in the past.
    Wutar Kara is a movie aim at sending a message on domestic conflict between siblings after their matriarch’s death. It is comical in nature, but the true colour on how family struggle to live together has been depicted in the film.
    Fate of a billionaire and that of a poor family tries to meet and help each other in their bid to keep humanity alive. But destiny has some other plans which results in them lost it.
    Family greed and corruption is put squarely on the line by the departed multi millionaire’s will. His last act and wish is to screw his corrupt family. The flip side of corrupt family is good natured beyond belief.
    Wutar Kara is surely A MUST Watch! This is one of the best all-time comedy movies in Kannywood! There is a great song that is about a person with genuine feelings who have been misled and ended up in pointed in a direction he didn’t want be in life.
    The movie goes into the philosophy of living and being happy without regard to monetary wealth.
    It will be showing at Ado Bayero Mall Cinema from 4 October, 2019. Show time starts, 10:20am, 12:20pm, 2:20pm, 4:20pm, 5:45pm, 8pm, 8:20pm.


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