One year old boy chopped by soldier’s dog survives rounds of operation


A 13-month-old baby, Michael Duniya, who was attacked by a soldier’s fighting dog (pit bull) at Mambilla Barracks, Abuja, has survived initial rounds of operation on him.

Following the attack, the boy was taken to Cedarcrest Hospital, in Apo District of Abuja, where doctors battled to save his life through a successful operation.

The boy’s head before the operation

The dog had reportedly unchained itself from its cage, prowling and suddenly found the little innocent boy who was playing with his older brother in one of the blocks of flats on the ground floor.

“His older brother immediately dashed into the house, but Michael was not quick enough as the dog pounced on him.

“It grabbed Michael by the head and pulled him about 30 metres away after biting him,’’ said a witness. However, a timely alarm sounded off by a woman, who watch the incident from a far off that saved his life.   “The dog was killed before the baby could be rescued.’’


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