2019 Election: Buhari’s Victory And The Unmatched Strategy Of The BCO


    By Muhammad Abubakar
    Obviously, it can be said that the Buhari Campaign Organization, popularly known as BCO played a vital role in President Muhammadu Buhari’s victory in the 2019 presidential elections.
    The BCO were able to successfully accomplish their goals, thanks to the hardworking and determined members of the organization especially their Director of Communications and Strategic Planning, Mallam Gidado Ibrahim whom sacrificed a lot to ensure the success of the APC at both the National and State level. Before and during the election, the organization used its vast knowledge of campaign strategy to silence and crippled the opposition PDP.

    BCO is an organization firmly stood in its founding principle. They were responsible for raising awareness among Nigerians on the benefits of re-electing President Muhammadu Buhari for a second tenure to an extent that the public became reliant on them for latest information on trending and emerging issues. They were been able to gain trust in the hearts of Nigerians as a result of their truthfulness, sensibility and considerations for others in the process of discharging their duties as a campaign organization. The Organization had never attempted to deceive Nigerians in order to gain popularity or sympathy. Rather, it uses professionalism and reasoning to genuinely disperse its desired messages to the general public.
    Glad to witness the aftermath of the election, but it is pertinent that we applaud and appreciate the roles played by this campaign organization; especially the important task of dismantling the propaganda machines of PDP and exposing to Nigerians all lies made by the opposition party.

    After the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had nominated Atiku as their Presidential candidate, BCO released a press statement disclosing their contentment. With Atiku being the opposition candidate, the organization expressed that it would be much easier for their campaign. The organization further asserted that as long as PDP refused to learn from its past error of 16 years, nominating Atiku as their Presidential candidate would only make Nigerians to feel more insecure with their policy. This was exactly what happened as Nigerians massively shunned PDP, because throughout their past 16 years in government, it brought to the masses uncountable hardships.

    With the emergence of Atiku as the PDP 2019 Flag bearer, the BCO became even more determined to pursue its goal. They firmly continued to work hard, being aware of Atiku’s capabilities as a card carrying member of the disastrous PDP since 1999. To deal with Atiku, caution and strategies were to be adopted and that was exactly what the BCO did.

    Among the earliest challenges faced by the BCO includes the fact that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his Campaign organization were highly skilled in political conspiracies and propaganda. The PDP resorted to campaign of calumny in its bid to inculpate and criticize President Buhari and APC. But unfortunately enough for the party and its candidate Atiku, they encountered an even more competent campaign organization who knows a lot about political propaganda and manoeuvre. The Buhari Campaign Organization firmly addressed all allegations and propaganda planned by the PDP to the extent that both the Party and Atiku felt threatened by BCO.

    The BCO is the only Organization that challenged Atiku and PDP in such a way that the party became more cautious with their words. Whenever they plan an accusation or lies, or conspiracies and propagandas, they feel uneasy to face BCOS’s reactions. This came to a point where the PDP began to slack off in releasing their speech while the Buhari Campaign Organization on the other hand used the opportunity to backlash against the failures of PDP and its candidate Atiku.

    Part of the Buhari Campaign Oganization’s campaign efforts in ensuring the success of APC and President Muhammadu Buhari includes moving across the States in Nigeria where it organizes special meetings and gatherings especially with prestigious and prominent people ranging from traditional rulers and other stakeholders. This strategy aided the success of APC Presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari. The effort of the organization did not cease there as they further established good rapport with the media agencies, securing another great accomplishment.

    During 2019 campaign, the Buhari Campaign Organization also engages the services of bus conductors of Nigeria, Nigerian Union of Tailors, Forum of Oil Marketers, etc. BCO also instructed legal battles for framing the APC Presidential Candidate, President Muhammadu Buhari.
    The History of Buhari Campaign Organization and its accomplishments would not have been fully realized without the efforts put forth by the Director of Communication and Strategic Planning, Mallam Gidado Ibrahim who displayed professionalism and expertise in his work.

    Muhammad writes from Abuja


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