210 bandits ‘surrender’ in Sokoto, release captives


About 210 bandits have laid down their arms in Sokoto state.

Garba Moyi, commissioner for careers and security matters in the state, made this known while commenting on the recent recovery of 102 arms from the bandits.

Aminu Tambuwal, governor of the state, on Friday, handed over 102 arms and ammunition recovered from the bandits to the state police command.

Moyi said this was as a result of the peace and reconciliation initiative embarked upon by the state government. He said seven groups of bandits, with about 30 members each, have surrendered.

He said the repentant bandits have released their victims, and that nobody has been kidnapped in the past three months in the state.

“They have released more than 30 captives, including Nigeriens and those from other states like Zamfara and Kebbi,” he said.

“We have been dialoguing with them for a very long time and we have entered into an agreement with them. The agreement was to release all captives with them and they have done that.

“For the past three months or more, nobody was kidnapped by the bandit and no village was attacked by the bandits as it used to happen.

“The senseless killings without any reason, all that has stopped. That is part of the agreement.”

The CP also said they were at the stage of disarmament.


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