The Month of Ramadan In 1981 To 1985


by Rev Ayuba asheshe

The Month of Ramadan In Section D, Wali House, i don’t know how know how the month of RAMADAN was like in other Houses of G. S. S Ikara kaduna state between 1981 – 1985. Definitely, I remember how it was in my own House particularly wali house section D. I am doing this write up in appreciation to all our Muslim brothers that were always sharing their goodies with us (Christians)during that holy Month. Lallai na yarda da Karin Maganar da tace “Alheri danko ne, baya faduwa kasa banza”. That today even after over 30 years the memory is vividly fresh in my mind shows the power of doing/being good. Life was always lively in Section D, Wali House. It was always full of noise and songs of Bob Marley by me 1981 to 85. That today I am a Pastor is the grace of God. During Ramadan, all our Muslim friends were always extra – good! Whatever they have, they share with us. I still remember the names of the Christians that were in the Se


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