Most Expensive Chicken In The World @ $2,500USD!


This chicken is called Ayam Cemani – a rare breed of chicken from Indonesia. This “Goth Chicken” is all dark — even its bones and internal organs.

This chicken breed is like the Lamborghini of chicken.. Is the most expensive chicken breed in the world.

Everything in this chicken is black from bones, liver, heart, lungs, beak, feathers and skin, and oh! Except the eggs – they lay cream eggs.

The blackness is due to a dominant gene that causes hyper-pigmentation which is a genetic mutation known as fibromelanosis.

The chicken is originally from Java, Indonesia they are credited with having ‘mystical powers’ and are traditionally eaten as part of ritual, as well as being considered as status symbols and used in traditional medicine preparations to cure a variety of ailments.

The Ayam Cemani is such a rare breed of chicken, all dark — even its bones and internal organs.

Little wonder they call it the “Goth Chicken”.. By the way, a pair is selling at 2500$.


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