Did you know that KANEM-BORNU ruled over half of LIBYA


Bornu ruled over the territory of Fezzan region including some parts of Cyrenaica also in Libya. In addition it has also ruled some areas of Southern tip of the republic of Algeria for more than 500 years.

Bornu people started ruling this past of Notth Affica since the time of their King reffered to Mai Dunoma Dibalemi in the 12th century until the post Great Mai Idris Alauma close to the era of Mai Lefami of BORNU. This region is presently made up North African Arabs , Barbers and their cousins the Toubus as well as some Kanuris who originally ruled and developed the region.

When Bornu was ruling Libya amazingly there were Roman population living in it in addition to the Berbers,Arabs and Bourdain populations among some few others. So this made the Kanem-Bornu Empir to be the only black nation in history to have ruled over the white population. Though some of the Arabs later blended in to the Kanuri population through inter marriages , but the Roman’s later migrated back to Rome (Italy) leaving behind many Italian building structures that still stands as monuments in today’s Libya.

The area is so big to talk about at once , in view of the above we are looking at the city of Murzuk only for now.

The city of Murzuk :Murzuk or Murzuq is an oasis town and the capital of the Murzuq District in the Fezzan region of southwest Libya. It lies on the northern edge of the Murzuq Desert, an arid region of ergs or great sand dunes which is part of the greater Sahara Desert.

Murzuk holds history of great personalities including HRH Al hajj El- Amin Muhammad Elkanemi (The founder of the Elkanemi dynasty) who spend some parts of his childhood days while studying and growing in it in fact some history had it that he launched his travelling to perform hajj in the holy city of Makkah in now Saudi Arabia together with his father at tender age of 17 years. In addition the Great Umar Muktar of Libya was also in it for some time during his struggle with the Italian army who were colonising Libya in his time. Amazingly even the famous movie actress known as Angelina Jolie visited this areas while on trip to North Africa.


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