Maryam Dauda: Another Muslim Captive In Christian Custody


Maryam Dauda is an 18-year old adolescent from Maiduguri whose parents are based in Ibafo, Ogun State.

On a faithful day in January, Maryam who was an apprentice went to her place of work, but failed to return home at the usual time. All efforts made by family members and friends to locate her was to no avail.

Six months later, a man by the name ALEX CHUKWUGO in company of two other men came to Mr Dauda’s (Maryam’s father) home to share the news that Maryam had been found and that she was in their custody.

Maryam’s father who thought the men were security personnel who had helped them locate his missing daughter, started celebrating that his daughter had been found.

Mr Alex Chukwugo exchanged phone numbers with Maryam’s father promising him that after all necessary protocols they would be called to come and pick their daughter. It should be emphasised at this juncture that the parents were not educated.

Three months later, Mr Alex Chukwugo sent a text message containing his home address to Maryam’s father and the latter went to the address only to discover that his daughter who had been missing since January 2019 had been forcefully kept under Mr Alex’s custody, repeatedly raped and impregnated by Mr Alex. The father discovered that Maryam had just given birth.

Mr Dauda felt cheated by the way Mr Alex had initially kidnapped his daughter, raped her, imprisoned her and turned her to a baby mama.

Maryam who was already engaged with a Muslim from the northern part of Nigeria before she was kidnapped, have lost hope of marrying the man of her dream and also lost the joy and happiness of being with the people who truly love her.

Mr Alex Chukwugo had taken advantage of Mr Dauda’s illiteracy and ignorance. However, Mr Alex had forgotten that Muslims are brothers, and injustice to one is injustice to all.

MURIC sprang to action immediately the case was reported to our office by an Imam (name withheld). We reported the case and the police arrested the suspect yesterday, Sunday, 3rd November, 2019. He is still cooking his feet in police cell.

The Muslim Rights Concern is fully involved and will ensure that Justice is done. Maryam must regain her freedom and Mr Alex Chukwugo must face the full wrath of the law.

Stay tuned as we follow up this case. You will be updated.

Mutairu Sodiq,
Admin Secretary,


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