Press Release: The Unique Unquestionable Unity Of The 9th Assembly; a strategic tool for nation building.


The attention of the leadership and Membership of the 9th House of Representatives have been drawn to the recent publications made and distributed by a few media platforms alleging “there is a crack “ on the wall of the unity of the House .

The publishers supported their position with a mere screen shot photos of internal personal arguments between members of the Joint task team on their Whatsapp platform administered by the aide from the office of the leadership.
There was no form of verification sort from the office of the Spokesman of the House for confirmation or otherwise before such publication . By our House Rules, at all times, the official spokesperson of the House remains the credible source for any information affecting the 9th Assembly.

The 9th Assembly under the leadership of Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, absolutely, has no division either between the principal officers or the membership and the leadership. The public is therefore, asked to totally ignore such ill intended publication aimed at misdirecting them.

It is important to note that comparatively, since the 5th Republic , the 9th Assembly remains the most united house, where members are motivated by the leadership culture and style of the Speaker which have been a selfless one devoid of any anti nationalist element but rather focused on true nation building, which has been bought by the membership who have all keyed into the legislative agenda set as the road map towards the achievement of this mission.

Granted, that one or two dissenting voices as expected may not completely be on board the mission train, but not conceding that such negligible opinion represents the majority interest of the 9th House of Representatives, I urge the public to focus on the 15 agenda of the 9th Assembly and what it represents for the people of Nigeria.

The media which we have recognised as an important partner in this nation building task should also be mindful to avoid encouraging peddling of baseless rumours, propaganda and other forms of information disorder either through information over load or under load aimed at deceiving the public. Beyond being the traditional source of news, the media remains in our eyes the strategic tool for national peace , unity and progress.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Sign: Rep. Benjamin Okezie Kalu

House of Representatives


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