*I Will Be A Good Ambassador: MD kasroma, katsina state


Alhaji Surajo Yazid Abukur, an engineer, is the Managing Director of the Katsina State Roads Maintenance Agency (KASROMA), a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. He spoke with The Links News about his Vision in KASROMA.

My vision would remain that KASROMA should be the preeminent road maintenance agency in the State, with a commitment to efficiently administer road maintenance and to keep all state roads in good, safe and comfortable condition with the best value in road transport.

The start point for a road maintenance agency should be to concentrates its resources on Report and Repair System, and it’s investigation to determine causes of road deterioration.

When these three aspects are mastered the job of the agency becomes easy.To achieve these, the agency must commission a comprehensive survey for data collection on it varied operation of its entire road network which will forms the basis for a successful road maintenance program.

The data will be collected and subjected to systematic analysis to bring about plausible inference. The inference will aid in the development of a rational management system for Katsina State Road Maintenance Agency. The agency will then be positioned to take an informed decision on its acquisition of a Road Maintenance System (RMS) and plan of action for its operations.

We have set up monitoring teams, in other words when we deploy resources to the field to carryout repair and maintenance works we want to have an effective monitoring framework to ensure that what is directed was what was actually executed.

We have effective media strategy. The work of KASROMA is essentially directed to the public. I have seen the need for the agency to interface with the public for us to know what the public is feeling. And that is why since I came, public relations unit is always a part of our programme so the society will know what we are doing. For proper supervision and maintenance of ongoing projects of the Agency we created on the go monitoring and reporting of our works by means of WhatsApp groups.

We need to clearly mark our synergies and when we want to pass out information to the public, regarding periodic and routine maintenance, use of road during repair works, issues like vandalization of road infrastructure, bridge railings, defacing of our signposts, burning of tyres by the road sides, all these are done by the public.

We are telling our staff across that we will not only monitor you professionally, we will have people from the public monitoring you. We are all on the the same page . Since I came, we have established social media platforms in which I am an active participant. We can see what our field engineers does regardless of what he reports to us. We can ask him questions; keep him at alert to know if he is always diligent.

Insha Allah we shall take KASROMA to the next level. We are doing our best but I call on the public to cooperate with the agency in achieving its mandate. By so doing, KASROMA will certainly move on to the next level.


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