MD Dr Mustapha Yaro’s Achievements at National Ear Care Centre (NECC), Kaduna


    By Babangida kakaki

    It is just one year that the Buhari administration appointed Dr Mustapha Abubakar Yaro as the Medical Director MD of this important health institution. And he has proved doubting thomases wrong that within one year, his leadership has recorded monumental feats in all sectors.
    Below are some of them..

    Administrative Dept

    Dr Yaro has given capacity building a priority as a crucial aspect of his administration. In all, as an ongoing exercise, 50 – 50 from senior and junior cadre were fully trained in customer-focused service delivery. In staff discipline, the MD makes it a cardinal principle to go round the offices from time to time to supervise their conducts. This has really makes the staff to sit-up and improve their efficiency. He instill work-ethics and motivate his staff, hence the improvement of effective services.

    Security wise, the MD has installed closed circuit cameras, CCTVs in and around the hospital to monitor the conducts of both the staff and visitors.
    His has adopted maintenance culture as a policy by which office equipments – laptops, desktops, printers, scannets, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc, etc are provided to where they are needed in all departments and units of the Centre.
    In the staff welfare, allowances are being paid as and when due to staff, including the casual staff and corp members.That is why the Mwdical and health workers union are praising him, hence there is a cordial relationship between the management and the union.
    The atmosphere is rancour free.
    Before him, one of the two power generating plants was faulty, but he ensured its repairs due to the immense importance of constant power supply to the survival of a hospital. The two are now working very well.

    He employed 94 new staff and deployed them to all departments and units of the hospital.

    Under National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in the last one, the Dr Yaro’s administration has created independent NHIS/TSA account for tracking, easy and transparent management of its funds. While there is a massive enrolment of primary and secondary enrollees in the NHIS of over 4000, an increase of about 400 percent, which is unprecedented. In terms of drugs, there is an adequate provision to all patients, which gave birth to high turn over of service payments from health maintenance organisations (HMOs) as a result of timely, effective and efficient services delivery in the scheme. It is his management that introduced continous interface with HMOs that produces results.

    All staff of the NHIS unit have benefited in the on going training and retraining exercise.

    In Estate Division, there is an internal road networking and drainage construction; conversion of pharmacy block from a duplex to one storey building to accommodate pharmacy and Health records department; construction of a befitting entrance gate; extension and renovation of Amenitu ward from four 4 to six 6 rooms, furnished with new fridges, bedding, plasma TV, toilet fittings, etc; purchase and installation of a modular sensor for 450 KVA generator plant; completion of a creche for keeping babies, staff children; completion of a two-storey Reseqrch block building; standardisation of transmission line from 70mm to 150mm cable, running from the transformer to control room; regular purchase of diesel and payment of the suppliers, hence there is constant power supply 24/7 in the hospital and installation of bowler light in and around the hospital in the night.

    Similarly, the division has benefitted from the increase of manpower in the recruitment exercise, which gave the staff a relief for working on shifts, while many of them have benefitted in the on going training exercise of the hospital.

    Clinical Services Department

    In the Clinical Services, which is the core department in any hospital, the MD has ensured its effective overhaul that translate goodies to both patients, and the hospital.

    In terms of services, the centre was having two clinic routines in a week before his assumption, but he improved it to a daily routine for all category of patients. Under him, another elective theatre is introduced in a week to see patients with specialised ENT cases.

    In the same vein, his Management has introduced an oncology clinic whereby an Oncologist, a professor comes from Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) to treat patients with cancer cases on weekly basis. All these changes are done during his one year tenure.

    In the CT scan, before it was operated twice in a week, but now under Dr Yaro it is being operated daily. There are three radiologists now unlike before when it was only one, that operate the CT scan and x-ray machines on daily basis.

    In terms of manpower, Dr Yaro has employed ten (10) medical doctors – 5 consultants, 5 resident doctors for improved service-delivery. Twenty more nurses were also employed, while many clinical staff such as radiologists, biomedical, anaesthetists, etc are employed to augment the shortfall in all the units.

    For instance, in the anaesthesia unit, for 12 years, there were only 3 staff doing the workload, but the MD has employed 4 more, making them 7 staff in the unit now.

    While the surgical fees in anaesthesia unit were reduced to an affordable rate for all patients.

    Under Medical social welfare unit, the MD is waving 50 percent pf medical bills including test, surgeries, admission to indigent patients. There is a poor woman who was diagnosed to have a cancer, the MD waved her all investigation, surgery, admission and drugs fees, which he later died. Within just one year, the MD has waved such to many patients who could not afford bills.

    Audiology Department
    He procured ABR Machine for all categories of tests in audiology.

    He again installed Guduwave audiometre (Boothless) machine for another type of hearing assesment.

    In terms of staff, he deployed new staff as part of the 94 he newly recruited to the department.

    In training, the staff is enjoying various types of training and re training from time to time, as attested by the Head of Department, Aliyu Babangida in an interview.
    What is most interesting in this department is the reintroduction of the SCHOOL OF AUDIOLOGY which was hitherto stopped due to the inability of the previous management before him to settle issues of accreditation with the Medical & Rehabitation Therapy Board (MRTB) and National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

    As an astute administrator, Dr Yaro has now restart the School that offers a Diploma in Audiology Technician, which was in existence before his assumption of office as MD. It is noteworthy that NECC is the only Institute in this country that offer this three year Diploma course, which is now fully operational. Admission has been offered to prospective students in the Centre, while studies have commenced in earnest.

    Another landmark feat is the preparation for the commencement of the COACHCLEAR IMPLANT, which is an insertion of an artificial device into the human brain through surgery for a deaf person to hear. It is a unique and latest modern breakthrough in ENT field.

    The Centre under his leadership would undertakes this implant for the deaf people to be hearing just like normal people. Thanks to the up to date and vision of the MD, Dr Yaro.

    Infrastructural development

    In the terms of infrastructure, Dr Yaro has completed the New Research block and named it after the former Medical Director, late Dr Aminu Bakari Building that houses the Audiology department and consultants clinics, which is now in use.

    He has extended the Amenity wards with two rooms, making it 6 rooms, while the whole rooms are fully kitted with new beds, bedsheets, refrigerators, air conditioners, hand driers, etc

    He has extended the pharmacy building with upstairs for the Medical Records department to move in.

    He has puchased 6 new brand saloon vehicles for the management.

    He has built a drainage system, a paved road and an interlocking of the hospital premises.

    He has constructed a big imposing entrance gate to the Centre which has now given it a facelift and physical presence that attracts more patients.

    He has installed a new modern mobile x-ray machine, which has stopped patients’ culture of going outside the Centre for x-rays, and thus increased the revenue base of the hospital.

    29 new modern hospital beds were procured and provided to the Male, female and children, and amenity wards.

    He has installed a closed-circuit cameras known as CCTV in all the offices and premises of the Centre to monitor movements of staff and all persons, thus enhancing security within the hospital.

    In all the wards, cottons for windows and doors were provided, while mosquito nets on all the beds were provided.

    There is an on going construction of a new pharmacy and medical records department on top of it, which shall be completed soon for both departments to move in.

    Health Information (Records) Department

    The department was squatting within the Centre, but Dr Yaro has now built a befitting offices including a School for the department, on top of the Pharmacy department building.

    There is an on going projects – e-records, which is the computerisation of health and clinical records in the Centre, which shall be completed before the end of this 2019 year.

    Part of the new recruitment, many of them are deployed to this department, while training and retraining of their staff prevails.

    As a visionary leader, the MD has introduced a SCHOOL OF HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT in the Centre. It saddled with offering a three 3 years Professional Diploma in Health Information Management. Already, 25 students has been enrolled as pilot programme, in consideration with facilities, resource persons and space. Before, over 30 outside students come for industrial attachment in the department, which made the Dr Yaro led management to initiate this significant course in the Centre.

    Radiology Department

    The shortage of manpower is addressed. Before him, it was one radiologist that operates the SC Scan and x-ray machine, but he added two making them three. And that has reduced the work overload and makes it to be operational throughout the 5 working days, unlike before, when it operated twice in a week.

    A standby mobile x-ray machine was added to the exisiting one, making it two functional x-rays in the hospital.

    All the staff in the department has been going for training and workshops for capacity building, which was not done before.

    In the future, Dr Yaro’s management has plans to install Digital x-ray machine and Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) machines as well as provision of rooms for night duty staff.

    School of Post Basic ORL Nursing

    Under him, the School has recorded 99 successes in Nursing and Midwife council post basic examinations.

    For doctors, 90 percent oc them have passed the post graduate exam and Weat African College of Surgeons. All these are attributed to the Dr Yaro led management.

    Aimilay, it is to his credit that the school for post basic ORL Nursing and the Centre ‘s training of resident doctors got another round of accreditation. Now, they are fully accredited, by the relevant supervising bodies.

    In the School, the name has been changed to School for Post ORL Nursing to reflect the specialty of Ortorinolyngology, meaning ear, nose and throat (ENT) of the Centre. Under his tenure, the name is approved by N&WCN, while all preparations are in top gear to hold a convocation ceremony of the 4 set of graduating students, which is not done before him.

    Laboratory Department

    In manpower increase, Dr Yaro has deployed two medical scientists, two medical technicians and two lab assistants to augment the shortfall in staff as part of the recent recruitment his Management did in the last one year.

    In the Lab department, Dr Yaro leadership has procured Selexon machine for thyroid function test, prostate specific antigen for prostate cancer test and cardiac enzymes test, which were hitherto being done outside the Centre. Again, he procured Clover machine for glucated haemoglobin (blood) test to know its level of control and prognosis over three months period. Similarly, all seven 7 units of microscopes that were left malfunctioned for years in the department, has now been fully repaired and put to use. All these tests were being done outside the hospital before, but now being done in the centre which definitely increased its revenue base. In the same lab department, he has signed in the Laboratory quality manual of Quality management system based on World Health Organization (WHO) standard to enhance quality and customer satisfaction. Already, the department has started a stepwise implementing of the manual.

    These are some of accomplishments of Dr Yaro’s dministration in National Ear Care Centre (NECC) Kaduna, which is unprecedented in history and has so far improved patronage of patients from all over the country and beyond.


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