Our Attention has been drawn to a video clip circulating in the social media in which Professor Dahiru Yahya alleged that Emirs of Kano: Alhaji Abdullahi Bayero, Alhaji Muhammadu Inuwa and Alhaji Ado Bayero (may Allah bless their souls) were Shiites. This is very shocking to us as the sons and daughters of these Emirs because of their high esteem in the minds of the predominantly Sunni Muslims of Kano and other parts of the World. No Emir of Kano has ever professed to be Shiite so we wonder where Professor Dahiru Yahya claims to have obtained this information. It is very unprofessional for a historian to attribute any creed to a person while the person professed another creed. They were public figures and they were never associated with Shiism, which had no root in this part of the Muslim World until after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 when the Government of that country began to sponsor the conversion of people into that creed. The conversion of some Nigerians to Shiism is a contemporary issue and therefore cannot even be controversial and as a Professor he knows this. So why does he want to use our parents to create controversy for public attention?
We feel very disturbed that a person of Professor Dahiru Yahya’s age and academic qualification could descend so low to make such allegations. We are equally worried that someone like him could take it upon himself to be spreading this falsehood. We also know the relationship between Emir of Kano Alhaji Muhammadu Inuwa and his father Mallam Yahya, who served as scribe of the Emir while he was Galadiman Kano and District Head of Dawakin Kudu. We expect Professor Dahiru Yahya to respect the Emirs of Kano and guard their integrity. The Emir of Kano Muhammad Sanusi II CON refuted his false allegations at a public lecture where he stated that it was incumbent upon him to respond as the custodian of the revered throne of the Emir of Kano. So why does Professor Dahiru keep peddling this falsehood despite the relationship with the Kano ruling family and his father never concealed his identity and affinity to the Kano ruling family. What does he want to achieve by persistently disrespecting the Kano Emirate even after a public academic encounter with the Emir of Kano?
We are very upset that Professor Dahiru Yahya attacked the honor of our late father the Emir of Kano Alhaji Ado Bayero when he alleged that the revered Emir consummated Mut’a (Temporary marriage) in his lifetime. This is grievous allegation. We as his progeny will not take it lightly. We believe Professor Dahiru Yahya is peddling this mischief because he thinks no one can defend the integrity of our father. We are taking this opportunity to call on Professor Dahiru Yahya to withdraw these allegations of Shiism and Mut’a (Temporary Marriage) publicly in the same media he used failure to do that will compel us to take the necessary legal action.


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