Money laundering: Air Peace Executive Director denies allegations by US attorney


….Vows to appear in court to clear name

An Executive Director with Air Peace, Mrs Ejiroghene Eghagha has denied allegations levelled against her by a United States attorney in Atlanta, Georgia concerning purchase of Aircraft , spares and Aircraft maintenance.

In a statement issued by the airline’s lawyers ; ALEGEH & Co., it said :” On behalf of Mrs Ejiro Eghagha, we hereby state that she strongly denies and will vigorously defend herself against the allegations made against her by the US Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia in relation to purchase of Aircraft, Aircraft spares and Aircraft maintenance for her employer. None of the allegations involve any third party funds but relate to funds belonging to her employer and utilized in the Airline business.

” There is no allegation that any Bank [in the United States, Nigeria or elsewhere, Company or individual suffered any financial or any loss whatsoever.

” The allegations are unfounded and strange to her. Mrs Ejiro Eghagha has built her reputation as a seasoned, honest and responsible person and will take all necessary steps to clear her good name and hard earned reputation. She looks forward to an opportunity to rebut these allegations in Court. “


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