BY Malam yusufu idris

I thank you so much my dear colleagues, gentlemen of the press for your support to the people oriented government of Hon. Dr. Bello Mohammed, Matawallen Maradun, Barden Hausa since he assumed office as the Executive Governor of our dear state of Zamfara.

No doubt gentlemen that this state is dear to us because even if we do not reside here, as Nigerians, we will definitely share the concerns of the security threats that bedeviled this state for almost a decade which was why we all joined hands in prayers and denied ourselves some enjoyment of life to make sacrifices to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’alah and supplications for Allah’s interventions to save us from those difficulties that are now to a large extent, history.

These collective prayers of ours were answered and from where the human minds and thoughts never expected, Allah brought us this enviable and amiable leader, Hon. Dr. Bello Mohammed.

As good believers, we accepted this choice from Allah and as loyal citizens, we have remained resolute to support him to succeed.

This is what some of us do not want to identify with, simply because they have stubbornly refused to accept Allah’s choice and so my friends, it is duty bound on us all not to fall prey to these mischievous elements as they try to hoodwink us against the positive and transparent leadership style of governor Matawalle.

I specifically called you here today to tell you what you already know, which is the fact that there are some few politicians in the opposition APC who are head bent on bringing down this God given administration of Matawalle for the sake of their personal gains and aggrandisement by over blowing negative incidents such as the last attack that took place in Gummi local government area which is the remains of the crises they left behind for this government as they bury their faces in shame for the fact that Allah has helped Matawalle to solve these banditry activities within his first 100 days in office.

Speaking on the former IGP M D Abubakar- led committee set up by His Excellency, Governor Bello Matawalle to find lasting solutions to the banditry activities in the state, the committee invited some former governors, deputies and other leaders to come and make inputs more especially that former governor Yari is the immediate past Chief Executive of the state who the committee believed will help in its assignment but for mere political anger, non challance and lack of concern, he refused to even acknowledge the invitation but went further to stop his former commissioner, Alhaji Bello Dankande Gamji and his former Special Adviser, Sani Ahmad Gwamna Mayanchi from appearing before the committee only for a handful members of the party called publicity committee members to come and tell you journalists that over 30 APC members were there, who were they and in what capacity were they there, the publicity committee members swam away from this information.

They claimed that His Excellency was at home when the Gummi carnage took place but that he was said to have traveled to Germany, fortunately, my dear colleagues, we issued a release which l signed when the governor set up a high powered delegation led by his deputy, His Excellency, Barrister Mahdi Ali-Gusau to go and commiserate with all those affected and even presented the first leg of the state government assistance to them.

I also signed another release to inform the good people of the state and the general public that the governor had canceled his proposed Germany trip because of the attack, all these have been adequately reported in the nation’s media, so l wonder where APC learned that Matawalle had flown to Germany. And while all this was going on, the governor had summoned an emergency security meeting which was attended by all heads of security agencies in the state over the matter leading to the trailing of the perpetrators of the attack.

It should be recalled that when former governor Yari was in charge and there was an attack in Yargaladima village area of Maru local government where hundreds were massacred, he only visited the village casually and briefly from where he moved straight to Zaria where he left the country, similarly, then governor Yari had to be virtually forced by his colleagues to come to the state when over 100 innocent souls were killed in Birane village of Zurmi local government from where he left the same day for Daura in Katsina state in company of his fellow governors, likewise in Kizara, the list is long, but in all, the then governor did not have much time for his people at a time when his party is trying to portray him as the best.

Moreso, Danmaliki who spoke at the press conference confirmed to the journalists in attendance that there are three million guns in the bushes, this has vindicated Matawalle’s statement that the former governor has a hand in the criminal activities and we want the security agencies to quickly invite Danmaliki so that he can lead them to where these weapons are for collection.

We should note that these recent attacks like in the past are being caused by members of the outlawed Yansakai group and don’t forget the crisis that was generated throughout the country in 2013 when Yari, then as governor purchased forearms, one will wonder where these weapons are now, and lastly, it was the same Yari that recruited 8,000 Yansakai from across the state, so if these carnages which have been confirmed by security agencies are being caused by the Yansakai, who do you think would be the one controlling and directing them.

If these image makers can make such claims, l want to advice them to go to their villages and tell the people that Matawalle has not brought peace and see how they can survive in their own homes, this l dare them. Because all these claims are the result of the fact that they failed during their time and are envious of the present administration.

We recognize the fact that former governor Yari has the freedom of movement especially in Zamfara his home state and Matawalle never said he should not come to Zamfara, but one thing for sure is, he has to respect the law of the land particularly as it relates to political gathering which has been banned now, if he tries that again, he will face the consequences.

On his perceived popularity, we all know that he rode on the back of his godfather, Yarima to become what he became unlike Matawalle who they tried to bring down in 2011 yet he defeated them having known and been in politics since 1992 when Yari and his Yarima godfather did not even know politicking but Matawalle went to represent Bakura/Maradun Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives under the umbrella of the then UNCP which can make him a professor in politics over Yari and Yarima put together and started as a Commissioner in 1999 at the beginning of the current civilian regime, so let them not even go there so as not to embarrass themselves.

On the construction of over 1,000 kilometer road by the Yari administration, it is funny to compare an eight years administration with that of six months, but this is because they know that the Matawalle leadership will be far much better even after its first four years In Shaa Allah as within its short span it has embarked on Mada-Wonaka-Ruwan Bore road, Tsafe-Yankuzo road, Danmarke-Ruwan Dorowa-Kanoma road and several township roads aimed at rising the standard of the state capital, Gusau.

I can tell you without fear of contradiction that this APC blind followers are money mongers who specialize in deceiving their principal and will use every available space to cause disharmony and turn,around to collect money from their former boss and once they see that they are broke again, they will cause another problem and security breach easily comes to play for them which is why his excellency, governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle has to strongly warn the head so that the followers will abide and fall in line, a word is enough for the wise.

While l want to conclude that all these attempts will not and cannot distract His Excellency, Hon. Dr. Bello Matawalle from taking our people to the promised land of greatness, I want to challenge these wailers to point to any part of the state that was under threat during their time and is still in such condition because kidnapping,, rustling and all other forms of banditry are history while commuters, traders and other citizens carryout their legitimate businesses freely at any time of day or night since roads and markets that were hitherto closed are fully operational now.

I wish to assure the people of the state that the Matawalle-led government will continue to remain focused in meeting the yearnings and aspirations of our people as the whole world is well informed that the security situation has significantly improved in the state and we no longer have one sin7gle IDP camp because all displaced persons have returned home and are living without any threat.

Thank you



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