By Andrew adeson

The main theme of the the lecture was The Role of New Media in Nation Building with the presenter, Prof Umaru Pate of Bayero University, Kano, highlighting the importance and relevance of the social media.

The most important highlight is the pervasiveness of the New Media and the impact they have on social, political and economic life of people. This characteristic intrusiveness underlines the importance of the New Media in our national life and the development process.

At the personal level, the impact of the New Media or what is universally known as information and communication technology in the day to day activities and engagements of Nigerians has become far reaching and impactful. This means that the internet and other platforms can be effectively harnessed for positive purposes.

Creative and prevalent acquisition and deployment of the New Media in the development process could promote vigour, innovation and dynamism thereby improving productivity and standard of living.

Nigeria can benefit immensely in all spheres of national development, cohesion and promotion of unity if conscious efforts would be made to harvest the vast treasure of the advantages that the New Media offer for such ends.

The New Media, if properly harnessed and creatively managed, can facilitate the control of the Nigerian economy by Nigerians. This is because technology not only controls but facilitates the package and distribution of content, production and distribution of goods and services.

New Media practitioners, that is, online publishers and journalists in this context, have a responsibility of packaging credible and reliable contents that promote the national good while guiding against sensationalism, fake news and hate speech which are ravaging the entire country today.

Finally, the New Media provides a veritable platform for the promotion of investment and tourism, advertisement, mass education and information, social cohesion, and investment into the future of Nigeria and upcoming generations. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of government totheir manage and keep apace with the dynamism of emerging technologies.

Andrew Fadason.


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