Full Budgets Speech Of Zamfara State Governor


Mr Speaker, Honourable Members,
2. It is with immense gratitude to Almighty Allah that I present before this Honourable House the Appropriation Bill for the Zamfara State 2020 budget proposals for consideration. 
3. As this is the maiden budget of my administration, it is vital to stress that the proposals have been carefully designed to reflect our new focus of exploring workable alternatives to prop up the state’s economy which has emerged from years of crisis. 4. As we know, until the past few months after the advent of this administration, our state was ravaged by a great crisis which had a telling effect on all sectors of our economy. The State became highly prominent on the international scene for banditry, cattle rustling, kidnapping, and arson. 
5. As the state is mainly rural, with agriculture accounting for the significant proportion of its GDP, the rural economy was crippled, and the State was faced with grave danger of starvation, vast armies of Internally Displaced Persons, and a bleak and uncertain future. The situation was further compounded by a backlog of liabilities arising from contracts, pensions and gratuity and other workers entitlements. 6. It is against this background that the 2020 budget is designed and tagged Budget of Peace and Renewal. With the relative peace we have achieved so far, It is therefore a time for renewal of hope, renewal of determination, renewal of trust, renewal of ability, and renewal of commitment to the cause of development of our dear State and wellbeing of our people. 
7. The budget is prepared taking into account the fact that we cannot adequately address these multiple problems and place the state’s economy on the path of sustainable growth, without correcting the apparent distortions in the structure of the economy. These distortions are those of operating a supposedly free-market economy with the state as the key driver and heavily relying on accruals from the federation account. 
8. We believe that the surest path to prosperity is by securing our state and creating the enabling environment for trade and businesses to thrive. Gone are the days when the state dominates all the spheres of human life, with little or no space for participation by corporate and private entities. Specifically, we realised that with our comparative advantage in agriculture and mining, a stronger and more virile economy could be built when we partner with private investors, both foreign and domestic, to develop these key sectors. 9. To this end, we signed an agreement with Africa Export-Import Bank for an investment of $1 billion into the State’s economy. The investment covers areas including: i. Construction of a cargo airport;  i. Solar and hydropower generation;  i. Establishment of five ginneries and modern textile industry;  i. Construction of Rural Grazing Areas, popularly known as Ruga, in the three senatorial districts of the State;  i. A three-star hotel, and  i. A new Government House.   
10. Already, we have launched the pilot stage of Ruga settlement at Ranji, Sakida Grazing Reserve of Maradun Local Government Area and the work has reached an advanced stage of completion. Each of the three Ruga settlements would be constructed at the cost of N2,877,000,000, which brings the total cost of their construction to N8,631,000,000. 
11. The settlement will consist of 210 houses, earth dams, water canal, solar-powered boreholes, veterinary clinic, modern abattoir, healthcare centre, police station, livestock market, dairy factory,  sports centre, open and lock-up shops, access road and improved animal pasture.  
12. In order to ensure prudent and effective management and utilisation of the funds from Africa Export-Import Bank, I have approved the establishment of a programme called Zamfara Comprehensive Development Programme (ZACODEP). 
13. We have also concluded plans to transform agriculture to become an all-year-round activity, with more significant benefit to the producers through a redesigned Zamfara Comprehensive Agricultural Revolution Programme (ZACAREP). In the 2020 fiscal year, Government has earmarked N8 billion for agricultural development.  The sum of N2 billion is provided for the procurement of fertilizer.  In addition, N1billion is allocated for the production of 18,000 metric tons of fertiliser by the State Fertilizer Blending Plant. We have also concluded plans for its total overhauling at the cost of N3,800,000,000. Also, N500 million will be used for rehabilitation of existing irrigation facilities, N1billion to ZACAREP phase II for job creation and N500 million for the purchase of essential commodities. 
14. It is glad to note that Zamfara State is one of the states approved by the Federal Government to pilot the Livestock Transformation Plan. We have started arrangements to engage experts for the State Livestock Development Programme and provision of 8,000 hectares, which are part of the requirements of the Federal Government. 
15. It has come to my notice that the state has about 60 qualified veterinary doctors. In the 2020 fiscal year, these teeming intelligent young men and women would be utilised in fullest through our RUGGA programme and National Livestock Development Programmes. In addition, the abandoned multipurpose factory production unit at Gusau will be put into maximum use. The livestock development agency will be funded to provide appropriate services.  We also hope to resuscitate Livestock Investigation and Breeding Centre KotorKoshi through a Public-Private Partnership arrangement. 
16. Zamfara is known to be a vibrant industrial and commerce centre in the northern region.  However, this sector has suffered a substantial setback resulting from poor implementation strategies of initiated projects and programmes.  It is the intention of this government to return the state to its lost glory of the commercial and industrial centre. In this regard, an arrangement has reached a high level for the release of N700 million to eligible entrepreneurs across the 14 Local Government Areas as a starting point. We are also committed to the completion of Gusau central market to boost commercial activities.
17. In the area of social security, my administration has embarked upon programmes of providing social security to the citizens of the State. Traditionally, it is the family and the community that provide social support. However, with the near-collapse of the rural economy and the changes introduced by modernity, family and community can no longer offer the needed support. Government’s intervention in providing social security, therefore, becomes imperative. 
18.  It is in consideration of this that my administration has launched various programmes aimed at empowering citizens of the State to make them self-reliant. Only last week, I launched the Zamfara state Social Intervention Programme where 8,692 youth were drawn from across the 14 Local Government Areas irrespective of the political affiliation of the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries will be given 10,000 naira each per month, while their supervisors and Local Government coordinators will receive 50,000 naira each per month. We are also working towards resuscitating skills acquisition centres across the state to train our youths in small-scale businesses for self-reliance. 
19. We have also introduced a special women empowerment programme under which 200 women will be drawn every month from across the 14 Local Government Areas of the State and be given N20,000 each for small businesses. 
20. Arrangements have also been concluded to intensify security surveillance across the 14 Local Government Areas of the state to sustain the feat we have achieved in combating the insecurity situation in the State. The sum of N3.2 billion is earmarked for the purpose. 21. My administration has considered the importance of the continuation of ongoing projects identified to have a direct bearing on the lives of our people. We are therefore working towards completing some of these projects. We have equally awarded contracts for execution of road projects for some three rural communities. The roads are:  i. Danmarke- Kanoma road with a spur to Ruwan Doruwa; ii. Tsafe- Yankuzo- Yanware- Hayin Alhaji road to the border with Katsina State; iii. Tunfafiya- Maradun- Jibia junction by Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda. 
22. Government will continue to accord top priority to completion of ongoing road projects and explore the possibility of constructing new ones.  To this effect, the sum of N16.5 billion has been earmarked for the construction of major roads across the state.  
23. In the area of health, my administration has rehabilitated and renovated Kagara General Hospital at the cost of N490,000,000. We have also supplied seventeen  ambulances at the cost of N360,000,000 and distributed them across health facilities in the state. 
24. We recognise the importance of stable and adequate power supply to the state economic development and will continue to engage the electricity distribution companies with a view to connecting more towns and villages to the national grid.  It is also our plan that other independent sources like the Bakalori power generating structures, solar and wind power initiative will be pursued through Public-Private Partnership within the 2020 fiscal year.  In this regard, the sum of N1.55 billion is earmarked for this project.
25. In the area of education, we inherited a backlog of examination fees of 2.5 billion naira for WAEC and NECO. Within our first one hundred days in office, we paid N300,000,000 out of the N1,200,000,000 owed to NECO and the sum of N100,000,000 out of the N1,300,000,000 owed to WAEC. We have also settled WAEC registration fees for Key Science Academy amounting to N229,615,000 for 171 students of the school from 2011 to 2019. 
26. As part of our efforts to revive scholarship scheme for studies both at home and abroad, we have equally sponsored 200 indigenes of the State to study medicine and engineering in China, Cyprus and Sudan. 
27. Similarly, within the 2020 fiscal year, the following secondary schools would be renovated to provide a conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning: • Sambo Secondary School, Gusau;  • Government Secondary School, Tsafe;  • Government Secondary School, Bukkuyum;   • Government Science Secondary School, Shinkafi; and  • Government Secondary School, Kaura Namoda
28. Under the General Administration Sector, We have taken into cognisance the need to restructure our Ministries, Departments and Agencies to make them more efficient and responsive to the challenges of our time. 
29. In view of this, the Government has created the new Ministry of Science and Technology is in recognition of the importance of science and technology in building a modern state that will favourably compete with its counterparts. Similarly, the new Ministry of Security and Home Affairs is created to handle all matters relating to the security of our State. 
REVIEW OF 2019 BUDGET30. Mr Speaker, distinguished Honourable Members, as you might have known, in the 2019 financial year, a total estimate of N135,326,920,578.00 was presented before the Honourable House. The estimate was based on the projected capital and recurrent revenues of N72,610,000,000.00 and N62,716,920,578.00 for the year, respectively. 
31. Out of N135,326,920,578.00 proposed estimate, the sum of N62,716,920,578.00 was earmarked for recurrent expenditure, while the sum of N72,610,000,000.00 was appropriated for capital expenditure.
HIGHLIGHTS OF PROPOSED 2020 BUDGETPolicy Measures32. To consolidate on our gains on peace & security and accelerate development, the state government intends to put on the following policy measure:  i. Improve internal revenue generation to reduce overdependence on federal allocations and short-term loans; ii. Creating sustainable development in urban and rural areas through the construction of rural  roads, improvement of secondary and tertiary education, healthcare facilities to reduce diseases and mortality, as well as provision of other essential social services such as water supply, electricity and affordable houses;  iii. Redefining of the government’s role in the economy by resuscitating state-owned companies, attract foreign investment and changing the value and culture system towards entrepreneurship;  iv. Sustenance of good governance through budgetary and public finance reforms, promotion of transparency and accountability by ensuring due process in government businesses as well as security for lives and property.  v. In order to ensure transparency in managing public funds and good governmance, government will reintroduce the Treasury Single Account and  Bureau for Public Procurement. Government has already repealed the law that provided for the jumbo upkeep allowances to former Governors, fomer Deputy Governors, former Speakers, and former Deputy Speakers as part of the measures to ensure prudent management of public resources. 
2020 Budget Proposal33. Mr Speaker, distinguished Honourable Members, the proposed 2020 budget of Peace and Renewal is estimated at N182,752,973,858.00. The proposal is based on the projected recurrent and capital revenues of N98,863,900,367.00 and N83,889,073,491.00 for the year, respectively.
Sources of Revenues a. The Recurrent Revenue will come from the following sources: i. Statutory allocation       – N55,000,000,000.00 ii. Recurrent Grant from FGN- N100,000,000.00 iii. Reinbursement            – N32,372,950,367.00 iv. IGR       – N11,190,950,000.00  b. The Capital Revenue will equaly accrue from the following sources: i. External Loans to Capital Projects – N3,400,000,000.00 ii. Receipt from the Development Partners’ Programmes (Uk Aid, DFID, USID, UNICEF, Worl Bank, WHO, etc.) -N2,000,000,000.00 iii. Internal Loans -N47,718,073,491.00 iv. Ecological/Umanitarian Funds – N15,071,000,000.00 v. Capital Grants(FGN, UBE, SDGs, TETFund) – N2,500,000,000.00
34. Out of N182,752,973,858.00 proposed estimate for the year 2020, the sum of N65,803,900,367.00 is earmarked for recurrent expenditure, representing 36.2%, while the sum of N116,399,000,000.00 is dedicated for capital expenditure, representing 63.8%.Expenditure35. The sum of N182,752,973,858.00 earmarked for the 2020 fiscal year is to be expended as follows: i. Personnel cost – N22,373,969,883.00 ii. Overhead Cost-N28,218,780,574.00 iii. CRF Charges -N10,199,693,900.00 iv. Internal Debt Servicing-N5,011,456,010.00 v. Capital Projects-N116,399,000,000.00
Sectoral Allocation of Capital Expenditure36. The sum of N116,399,000,000.00 allocated to the Capital Expenditure is distributed among the main sectors of our economy as follows:i. Economic sector: This sector is very crucial to the general wellbeing of our people and the development of the state. On the basis of this consideration, the sum of N27,650,000,000.00 is budgeted to take care of the expenditure on agriculture, livestock, forestry, manufacturing, power supply, transportation, investment, cooperatives and finance.  The allocation to this sector represents 23.7% of the capital budget estimate.ii. Social Sector: My administration will accord top priority to this sector as it covers fundamental aspects that have a direct impact on the lives of our people.  The sector consists of Education, health, information, youth and social welfare. The allocation to the sector is N38,555,000,000.00, representing 33.1% of the capital estimate.iii. Environment Development Sector: The sum of N9,800,000,000.00, representing 8.4%, is allocated to this sector to cater for our needs on water supply, drainages, housing, town planning and community development. iv. Administration Sector: Administration is the machinery for the implementation of government policies and programmes. In order to ensure effective implementation of Public policies and programmes. In consideration of this, the sector is given the sum of N40,394,000,000.00, representing 34.8% of the capital estimate.
37. Before I conclude, let me also mention some of the achievements recorded by my administration within a span of six months:i. Relative peace and security have been restored in the State. Consequently, socio-economic activities that were hitherto stagnant are gradually picking up. To further rconsolidate this achievement, Government has suspended all allocations of farmlands issued from 1999 to date, which has been identified as one of the remote causes of farmers-herders conflict in recent  times. A committee has been appointed to carryout the review the allocations.ii. Digital FM Radio equipment have been procured for the state-owned FM station at the cost of N170,000, 000.00.iii. Renovation of radio studios and reconstruction of additional structures at Zamfara Radio Station awarded at the cost of N389,826,400.32 is on the verge of completion. Similarly, plans are underway to construct modern Radio, Television and FM houses that will facilitate a working synergy amongst the three stations. They will be situated in one environment for ease of management and exchange of ideas among them.iv. Construction of the abandoned township roads in Gusau has resumed, and new ones are being undertaken to provide access to nooks and crannies of the state capital to ease movement and enhance security surveillance.v. Primary Schools are being renovated with additional blocks of classrooms for some schools and wall fencing to safeguard the schools and pupils against any breach of security. vi. In our desire to boost the morale of our civil servants in consideration of their roles as implementors of government policies and programmes, this administration reintroduced the payment of leave grant to both state and local government workers, which was stopped by the previous administration.vii. This government also implemented promotions of staff of both state and local governments which was equally stopped by the previous administration. This is in addition to the reinstatement of 1040 workers and 560 teachers recruited by the immediate past administration into the civil service.
38. Finally, I would like to thank Mr Speaker and the Honourable Members for their support, understanding and cooperation my administration is enjoying from you. 
39. Ours is a team of passionate Zamfara State indigenes who have found themselves in a task of repositioning the state. I want to assure everybody that we shall remain a united entity that would work assiduously to transform our dear state into a more peaceful and prosperous one. 
40. Let me particularly commend the Honourable Speaker for your exemplary leadership. Yours is a testimony of the much talked about not-too-young-to rule slogan. You have indeed proven to all well-meaning people of Zamfara state that you are capable of leading the house. You always present to us one house. It is, therefore, my hope and prayer that the entire chamber will remain united for us to pilot our state to prosperity. As we present this 2020 Budget of Peace and Renewal, which is aimed at transforming Zamfara state in all spheres of development, it is my expectation that you assiduously passed it with promptness, into law. 
41. To the well-meaning people of Zamfara State, I must appreciate your continuing prayers and goodwill, which has remained our source of strength and guidance. As I keep saying, time and again, I will never let you down. Your immense goodwill is propelling us to the promised land. Please let us remain steadfast.  Success is ours insha Allah.
42. Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, on this note, it is my pleasure to present before this Honourable House the Appropriation Bill to the tune of N182,752,973,858.00 for the 2020 budget of Zamfara State. The estimate consists of N116,399,000,000.00 as capital expenditure and N65,803,900,367.00 as recurrent expenditure. 
43. I hereby submit for the consideration of the Honourable House and passage into law. 
44. I thank you very much for your attention. May Almighty Allah bless you and guide you in your deliberations.
45. Wassalamu Alaikum.


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