I have lived in many cities in Nigeria


By DR Fatima Damagun
I was born and partially bred in Lagos. Moved to Kaduna in 1995 and lived there for 5 years, forming strong bonds of friendship.
Then we moved to Maiduguri in the year 2000.
Where my grandparents welcomed us with open arms into their house and hearts. 
Attended University of Maiduguri and met wonderful friends who have become family.
Eventually got married and moved to Abuja in 2009.
Lived there for a couple of years before moving to Kano in 2012.
I call Kano my second home. There is something in the air, the people and their way of life that made settling easy. 
As for my first home- it will always be Maiduguri.
They say ‘Home is where the heart is’ and my heart certainly found its niche in that old, ancient city of Maiduguri.
Even the scourage of Boko Haram has not detered my love for my Kanuri brethren.
Every December, since 2009, I try to come home, to my grandparents house and feel their love emanating from the walls. To reunite with neighbours and long lost friends. To comisserate with them over their losses and to see the strides they make despite the terrorism they live with. I marvel at their resilience.
I can almost smell home. 
The Fulani girl from Damagum is coming home.
Maiduguri, Yerwa Fato, here I come


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