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8th December, 2019: Nasiru Ibrahim Dandanku was kidnapped at his residence in Dutsinma town.
17th December, 2019: Wife of one Malam Shamsuddeen Yusuf, his daughter, and her younger sister were kipnapped in his residence at Government Science Secondary School, Dutsin-ma.
19th December, 2019: Alhaji Kanti Kagara was kidnapped at his resident in Kagara village.
19th December, 2019: Hajiya Zainab Zaria was kidnapped at Gida Mai Famfo.
25th December, 2019: Bandits attacked the people of Ruwan Dorowa village, carted away their belongings, including 17 cows and many sheep.
1st December, 2019: Bandits attacked Alhaji Dan-Bello, a Business man in Dutsin-ma and collected 6 million as ransom.
28th December, 2019: Bandits attacked Farar-Kasa village where one Malam Mamman was gunned down at his residence.
28th December, 2019: Bandits attacked Jallawa Village and took away many cows and sheep.
25th December, 2019: Bandits attacked Unguwar Dangaje.
27th December, 2019: Amina Usman was kidnapped at Bayan Gidan Rediyo Quarters, Dutsin-ma, and caused serious injuries to husband.
23rd December, 2019: Yusuf Abubakar was kidnapped at Kwantamawa village.
19th December, 2019: Gammo village was attacked by the bandits where over 80 cows and many sheep were took away.
16th December, 2019: Madaagu village was attacked by the bandits and took away a motorcycle, sheep and cows.
29th December, 2019: Malam Sale Rama was kidnapped at Maitsani village together with one Bilkisu Sanusi.
25th December, 2019: Alhaji Bello Sulai was kidnapped at Darawa village.
17th December, 2019: Dando Amore was attacked by the bandits at Tashar Yaro Dogo, taking away many cows.
15th December, 2019: Hassatuwa was kidnapped at Tsako Village by the bandits.
2nd December, 2019: Malam Sule Baka wuto was killed at Mamu Filling Station by the bandits.
22nd December, 2019: Bandits attacked Yarbudu village, and carted away over hundred cows.
December, 2019: Tulumbusawa community was attacked by the bandits and took away their belongings.
December, 2019: Dokara village was attacked by the bandits: cattle and sheep and properties were carted away.
December, 2019: Abdullahi Ikulewa was attacked by Bandits and his motorcycle was confiscated at Kwanoni village.
December, 2019: A village near Kudewa and Dan Zangi was attacked by bandits, where over 90 cattle were took away by the bandits.
30th December, 2019: Sule Mai Zabo was kidnapped at Bajinawa village.
20th December, 2019: Sufyanu Kwamanda was attacked at his resident at Karofi. They collected money and other materials.
December, 2019: Malam Kabir was abducted at his resident at Bargaja.
30th December, 2019: The bandits attacked Unguwar Tambaya, and carted away over 40 cows.
In this month also, Karofi, Bargaja, Dan Yadana, and Yar Washe were all attacked by the bandits.
30TH December, 2019: The bandits attacked Tudun Dole and took away all the cows in the village.
We cried for help still Government has abandoned us what a pity


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