Muqtada al-Sadr Tweeted


Muqtada al-Sadr has tweeted a picture with Arabic caption. It’s a statement he directed to President Donald Trump.

Translated by Australian Imam of Peace.

The content read,

“Are you threatening a nation with hunger (sanctions) you son of the casinos?

Are you threatening a nation with a blockade, you son of gambling halls?

Are you threatening a nation with punishment, you son of the night clubs?

Do you think Saudi money will benefit you?

Do you think the traitors will benefit you?

Do you think your war arsenal will bring you benefit?

Do you think your spies will inform you?

No, (I vow) by the lord of the dancing women.

Your house is weaker than a spiderweb.

Your weapons are weaker than a mosquito prick.

Your voice and tweets are worse than the sound of a donkey.

Remember, a fly once killed a tyrant (Nimrod). (He died by a fly, which entered his head through his nose)

And that birds killed Abraha.

Did you forget Vietnam? Or are you yearning for another mess?

By God, you will meet an army which you cannot stand,

And legions that start in Basrah and end in Dohuk.

Indeed. Your intentions have become clear today.

He who wanted to liberate us yesterday, today wants us on our knees.

He who wanted the nation to love him, will leave hated and rejected

Trump! If you dare (attack) the country of our holy sites, then I shall deal with you.

And if you want my advice, don’t be like your predecessor (Bush), or else you shall regret it.

We seek peace, if you surrender.

We seek war, if you wage war.

And you have tested us before.

He who starts it is the oppressor.

Woe be upon you for what you say.”



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