Tribute: Alh Sada Ilu: The Eclipse Of A Robust Era


In the knowledge of every mortal, especially true believers, only the Almighty Allah has the power to make alive and He alone is the determinant of death.

The death today of my brother, Alh Sada Ilu is another vista for a man who tenaciously held unto life; fighting to the last, but in the Wisdom of the Almighty Allah, the Owner of his breath, today made it a pact with His Maker to respond to the transition demand on his life.

I am devastated with your exit, Alhaji. You were my brother with whom fate and God has bonded us, growing through to become my pillar of support, you were my friend, my burden bearer, my shoulder of help, my strongest fan, foremost counsellor and my Number One cheerleader.

Your demise has left me and the entire family again to reverence and accepting the supremacy of the almighty the more and embracing His final decision on life.

You were the cord that unified all; the shoulder for everyone to lean on; your presence alone gave succour to the helpless as you went out of your way, not just to give, but also offer hope, give counsel by showing the way and volunteering leadership.

And not just us!
You were blessed with a Pan-Nigerian heart – a larger than average heart with which you accommodated everyone, regardless of tribe, region, faith or creed. Alhaji, we are missing you already!

We thought a new vista was going to be opened in our state when you offered to lead as governor. We trusted your roadmap towards breeding a united, accountable and prosperous Katsina State. Even when you could not attain that feat, you did not for one day give up or relented in leaving your people, loving our state nor refrain from loving your country – you always wanted to give back to the people.

No doubt, you were a shinning star; you lived a life of impact; you touched many with what the Almighty had blessed you.

In all, you lived and died as a strong believer; giving life the fight like a fighter you were.

I thank the Almighty Allah for your tolerance, dignity, meritorious and accountable life; your exit was destabilising but we take solace in the fact that it was an eventful, productive and resourceful life you led.

My prayer is that the Almighty Allah pardon all your wrongs and find your soul suitable for habitation in his abode.

May He also grant those of us left behind the fortitude to bear this moment and beyond.

Farewell, my burden bearer. Adieu!!!

Ahaji Garba Dangida .


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