The above named forum is a group of people of like-minds within the PDP in katsina state, who share common aspirations geared towards the growth and development of PDP at all levels.

Majority of us have been in the PDP right from its aspiration in 1998 to date. We are also proud to be associated with the PDP, considering the numerous developmental projects executed at the 3 tiers of government, under the PDP controlled Federal Governemnt, most especially frim 1999-2015.

We in katsina state shall forever remain grateful and powerful to the late president Umaru Musa Yar’adua, who, as Governor of Katsina state (1999-2007), laid concrete foundation for the complete transformation of Katsina state from an under developed state, to one of the best states in terms of infrastructural development with sound and the PDP in kastsina state to its present predicament, all of which, the honesty and sincerely believe are redeemable. They include the following:-

  1. All the statutory organs ofnthe party enshrined in chapter 4, part V-VI of the party have been abandoned by the state leadership. These organs include the state elders committee, the state caucus and the state executive committee. The state chairman only consult a few individuals on key issues the well-being of the party.
  2. The leader of PDP in Katsina State, His Excellency former Governor, Ibrahim Shehu Shema had left the party in the hands of a few individuals in katsina State. He had lost contact with virtually all major stakeholders of the party in the state, thereby creationg serious communication gaps in between. The state chairman of the PDP used the absence of the party leader advantageously to corner to himself the position of PDP Gubernatorial running mate, at the same time holding his position as katsina state PDP chairman during the 2019 general elections.
  3. The woeful failure of PDP during the 2019 general elections in katsina state was generally believed to have been caused by the shoddy manner the state chairman, the Gubernatorial candidate of the party and the state party leader handled the entire process of 2019 general elections in the state. We wish to state to you majority of the members of the state elders committee, state caucus committee were not involved in virtually all the activities of the party during the 2019 general elections.
  4. The president set of leaders of PDP at the wards, local Government and state levels were elected in to office in 2016. Most of them had served for two or more terms even before the 2016 congress, throught exchange of positions, and still want to remain as party executives or working committee members.

Gentlemen, after the 2019 general elections, Katsina State PDP State working committee set up three zonal committees in the state with mandates to go round the 34 local governments in the state to hold dialogue with PDP stakeholders to find out.

Remote and immediate causes of the party’s dismal performance during the 2019 elections. These three zonal committees have since finished their assignments and submitted their reports, findings and recommendations to the state working committee for necessary actions, but up to now, no action have been taken on the reports submitted to the state working committee. We were privileged to obtain copies of the reports submitted to the state working committee and our understanding was that the state working committee may never act on the reports because of the naked truth members of the committee stated in the three zonal committees report which were not favourable to the state party leadership, copies of these reports are also attached to our petition for your necessary action.

It’s a well known fact that the the tenure of the present crop of leadership in katsina state will end within the 1st quarter of this year. Accordingly, we wish to appeal to the national leadership of our great party in katsina state. This will give the teeming supporters of PDP In katsina state the opportunity to elect leaders of their choices at various levels of the party to re-ensure confidence of our members in the state.

Having outlined above, we wish to pray as follows:

  1. The national working committee of the party to constitute a caretaker committee to immediately take over from the leadership of the party in the next one week. The caretaker committee should be given six months reconciliation period within which to reconcile all members who have been maligned by the current leadership of the party.
  2. The caretaker committee will then conduct a credible congresses leading to the election of new leadership of the party in the state.
  3. Call on the National working committee to immediately order a forensic audit of the books of account of the party as we believed that no organisation can survive without accountability.
  4. The NWC to make available to all PDP members what was given to the party in terms of assistance over the years particularly during the 2019 elections.
  5. We call on the National working committee to act to sace the party as the party is on its way to total destruction in the state.

Long live PDP Katsina state! Long live Nigeria!!

Yours Faithfully,

Hon. Abdul Aziz Halliru Kafin Soli


Forum Chairman


  • The National Secretary PDP, Wadata plaza, Abuja
  • The Deputy National Chairman, PDP (North), National Secretary, Abuja
  • Zonal Chairman, PDP North West, Kaduna
  • State Chairman, PDP Katsina
  • The Chairman Caucus Committee, PDP North West
  • The Chairman, Elders Committee PDP, Katsina
  • The Chairman, Caucus Committee PDP, Katsina
  • BOT members, Katsina State Ref.


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