I Have Never Had A Lover Before, I am In Serious Need One – Fine Lady Cries


A lady has admitted that she has never been approached by any guy in the name of love despite being 27 year old. In an exclusive interview with a radio reporter in Kano, the lady disclosed that all her friends have boyfriends some of them got married since last 3-4 years, but no one has approached her ever since.

“My mother thought I was the one sending them away, but I told her I wasn’t my fault” she disclosed.

According to her, her father took her to an Islamic Chemist in which the ‘doctor’ informed him that her problem is spiritual.

“The ‘doctor’ gave me medicine that according to him will heel my condition but there is no any change yet.”

She added that there are many ladies with similar condition but they are afraid to disclose because according to her the whole society will be laughing at you instead of helping you. The young lady concluded that she’ll soon start asking guys for their love if her current condition didn’t change, because according to her she can’t continue like this.


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