Public Notice


This is to inform every member of this platform that, HACKERS are now working more tirelessly ever than before and this is the way they hack your number for fraudulent activities.

1. You will be called with a number you’re not familiar with.

2. They will mention a group on WhatsApp where you’re a member.

3. They tell you that there’s going to be a meeting on the platform soonest and you will be given a code to participate in the meeting or discussion.

4. They will send a code to your line

5. As soon as you entered the code your WhatsApp number has been hacked.

6. They will change your number on the platform and replace it with their own fraud line.

7. As soon as that is done you’ll be denied access to send message to that group.

8. The number they used to replace your number will be carrying your name and your picture and they will be sending fraudulent messages in your name.

Please watch out and beware!!!

In the event of such, kindly call Admin directly or send SMS so that precautionary measures will be taken.


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