Late Sayinna Alhaji Bashir of blessed memories


Sayinna Alhaji Bashir was one of the greatest Islamic scholar that ever lived in Maiduguri city the capital of Borno state-Nigeria.

He taught many great individuals including late Sheikh Abubakar Elmiskin,late Alhaji Mai Deribe,Late Alhaji Modu Tela,Late Alhaji Umar Na Alhaji Lawan,Late Sheikh Bayahayaa, saayinna Baba Ibrahim,Sayinna Bashayi and many many more——-in factt most people that lived in Fezzan ward of Maiduguri and many parts of old Maiduguri city between the years 1930s to the mid 1970s most have studied in his local sangaya school or that of the persons he taught as his student. By the late 1970s through to the mid 1980s his school had become a postgraduate Sangaya school,because only big scholars with the titles of Gonis,Sheiks , Sayinnas and others come to increase their knowledge,publish books or translate advanced Islamic texts that needed explanations though he was still educating the younger once even as at that time as he scheduled.

Sayinna Alhaji Bashir is of Marte descent.

He lived in Fezzan ward of Maiduguri,but the area were his house is located and still standing is called “Alai Bashirti”, though some elders said that his original house was at the cross junction of Dogon Massalachi before the reconstruction of the roads by then British.

Sayinna Alhaji Bashir died in 1987 and was buried in the Deribe Palace graveyard as he wished in the city of old Maiduguri.

May the Almighty Allah Grant him a place in JANNATUL FIRDOUSSI-Amin.


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