VIDEO: Hausa riders in truckloads of okada move out of Lagos, leave Lagosians trekking


As the ban on the operation of motocycles popularly called ‘Okada,’ Keke NAPEP and other related means of transportation by the Lagos State government takes effect February 1, Lagosians trekked, and while okada riders protest, their Hausa counterparts are seen moving out of Lagos in truckloads of okada.

In the early hours of Saturday, the ban on the operation of motorcycles popularly called okada, and Keke NAPEP took a full effect as many Lagosians left stranded, resorted to trekking, while traffic jam struck in several parts of the state.

Not fewer than 400 motocycles were packed into different trucks in Ogere and ready to be conveyed out of the state by the okada riders, majority of whom are Hausa riders from the northern region as a result of the newly implemented policy.

Fatai Jamiu, 43, one of the prominent riders in Kosofe Local Government said: “The Hausa riders did not know that the ban on okada is limited to some areas.”

He added that he came to the place to retrieve some of the vehicles carted away when the news broke out, as the people did not confirm the veracity of the information before leaving.

Another rider simply identified as Garba said, “Sanwo-Olu has banned us from riding in Lagos, I am going to Kaduna, I will be riding my motorcycle there to make a living,” he added.


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