I am one of those who put all resources at their disposal, to bring about the Buhari administration. I worked almost 24/7 between 2014 and 2015, posting leaked corruption related scandals and documents. I risked everything, including my family and my life, to fight the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan regime. I lost hundreds of millions of Naira, for cancelled contracts, due to my opposition to the GEJ regime.

Now, I no longer support the Buhari regime because of its incompetence to provide adequate security for Nigeria and Nigerians. When I read the supposedly “highest level intelligence report” about why Buhari failed to sack his military generals, I realised that we are dealing with a disastrously failed President, who has been hijacked and is clearly clueless on how to save Nigeria from peril.

Some ill informed people say that I stopped supporting Buhari because I was not appointed as a minister. But why would I leave a highly paid job in a secure country for a less paying job in an insecure environment?

If the truth must be told, even if Buhari offers me a job of whatever description, I will definitely decline. I am more useful to Nigeria and Nigerians doing what I am doing, than taking up any government appointment.

Finally, yes, I am a Nigerian, and I live in England. I passionately care about my fatherland. I hold the view that Nigeria is worth fighting for and even dying for!

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


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