An Open letter to the National Working Committee of the People Democratic Party


The National Chairman
Please, Save Katsina State PDP from Strangulation and Eventual Death in the Hands of Ibrahim Shehu Shema

When the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was created, its philosophy was ‘power to the people’. On that philosophy, the party grew to be the most fabulous in Africa. It had more registered members who are committed to its growth than any other party in the continent. The party dominated the political landscape in the country and won elections for 16 years. One of the places the party had strong support was Katsina state.

In Katsina State, the party started as a divided entity. Two major political movements formed the PDP. The KDF, led by late Alhaji Lawal Kaita, and the K-34, led by late Umaru Musa Yar’adua. In the end, Umaru Yar’adua became the governor and had the task of uniting the party. The party continue to grow although the threats of the eventual emergence of General Mohammadu Buhari, a popular Katsina State indigene who led the ‘Gidauniyar Jihar Katsina’, a Development Fund and also led the PTF, as a presidential candidate of the opposition party. By 2007 Umaru Yar’adua, became the president and handed over Katsina state including its PDP to the relatively unknown Ibrahim Shema as the governor. As at 2007, the party had won all elections conducted by INEC and by the state independent election commission. The party had 34 local government chairmen, 34 state assembly members, 15 House of Representatives members, three senators, a minister and several positions in government.

However, Mr Chairman May wish to know that before the end of his first tenure as governor, Ibrahim Shema succeeded in making the party a carcass of itself. The party lost most of its support and popularity during these four years. He betrayed all original party pillars to establish what he called ‘his structure’ different from Yaradua’s. It must be mentioned that Shema was the only person in Katsina state who has not helped in the building of the party. He was never part of its formation, nurturing, growth and campaigns. He came in 1999 as a commissioner based on a recommendation by the justice Sadeeq Mahuta. He became governor by the grace of Allah and by the support of Governor Y’aradua. Mentioned must be made of his uncle, Ali Husain Dutsinma, his uncle and then commissioner of Agriculture and ‘Yaradua’s friend. Ali did what he can to convince the governor and other political associates of the governor to support Shema against the might of Magaji Mohammed (another of his uncle who nurtured him) and Aminu Bello Masari who was the then speaker House of Representatives. However, all the three people mentioned above have been betrayed by Ibrahim Shema. The two who are still alive are hardly on talking term with the former governor.
From the day Sadeeq Mahuta introduced him until today, he has been one thing or the other within the party. He was a commissioner, a deputy national chairman of the party, a governor and now the party leader. He has been one thing or the other for about 6,000 days, from August 1999 to 2020.

Before he completed his second tenure as the governor of the state, more than 60% of the original founders of the party had left. These included notable politicians who doubled as the intellectual powerhouse of the party such as Dr Abba Sayyadi Ruma, Tanimu Yakubu Kurfi, Senator Ibrahim Ida and all the three deputy governors who served the governments formed by the party (Tukur Jikamshi, Abdullahi Garba Aminci and Surajo Danyaro Damari). The Fourth deputy governor Abdullahi Garba Faskari was eventually frustrated out of the party at the verge of 2019 elections. At the last count, more than 90% of the popular politicians who held elective or appointed positions under the platform of the party have all left. Similarly, almost 100% of the other stakeholders, including party sponsors, have all left the party.

A brief analytic is vital to buttress the points raised above. As an example, over 50 elected and appointed people in Katsina and Dutsinma local governments have left the party. Our records indicate that at least 10 of such members from each of the 15 federal constituencies have left the party because of the highhandedness and greed of the person of Ibrahim Shema. In all more than 200 high public worth politicians have left because of the same person. At this point, it is pertinent to state that even if Shema was a political messiah he is definitely at fault and not the over 200 people he sent out of the party.
Furthermore, these people have many political weights. Indeed, much more than him. For example, a look at the results of all elections conducted between 1999 and 2019 at TV viewing Centre in Shema ward his PU, the total number of votes he secured for the PDP was 1,190 votes. That is, for every five days he spent enjoying. Indeed, during 2015 and 2019 presidential and governorship elections, he was only able to get (on average) 52 and 72 votes respectively. Aggregating the total votes he secured for the party over the total number of days he spent ‘enjoying’ what the party offered him, for every five days, Shema was able to secure 1 vote for PDP. Furthermore, the fortunes of the party in his Shema ward and Dutsinma local government continued to nosedive. For example, he lost his ward and the entire local government as a sitting governor in 2011 and 2015. On record, he was the first and the only governor in northern Nigeria who failed to win his PU, ward and local government while still in office. Ibrahim Shema is the person who has been entrusted with the fate of the party built by selfless individuals, like Malam Umaru Musa ‘Yaradua.

Mr Chairman should know that with the leadership of the party in the hands of Ibrahim Shema, the party will not prosper in the state. We have a voice record of Senator Yakubu Lado who was made the flagbearer during 2019 elections, against other aspirants who have campaigned for years, where he mentioned the amount of money he paid to secure the ticket. It is on record that he is also scheming to make the party his meal ticket for life in the state. Shema and two co-travelers have made sure that they have manipulated the up-coming party congresses in the country. They have violated all guidelines set by the NWC, including an update of registration and sales of forms. To him, the party is personal property and want it to remain so. Mr Chairman and other members of NWC should act to save the party from total collapse in the state.

Our Prayer.
Mr Chairman Sir, our major prayer is for you to act in whatever way you can to save the party from total collapse in the state. Specifically, we believe if you do the following, we will have a virile and vibrant party:

Please postponed all-party congresses in the state to a later date. Better now than when we are beyond salvation.

Have a committee to investigate these allegations to verify our assertions.
Please order a forensic audit of the accounts of the party in the state from 2015 to date.
Dissolve the state working committee of the party.
Form a caretaker committee to take over the affairs of the party with specific mandate of reconciling members of the party including those that have left the party to other parties but who are very much willing to return and those who are in the party but have been rendered valueless and silent.
We hope that you will consider our request and grant our prayers for the progress and development of PDP in Katsina state. We believed that the party need your intervention to save it from total collapse and eventual death.
Thank you and best regards,

Nasiru Umar Dutsinma Lawal Audi Yaradua


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