New Reforms in Finance Management


    An Initiative of Alhaji Mali Anas

    By the links news

    The re-election of Governor Aminu Bello Masari in 2019 coincided with the expiration of the tenure of the Account-General of the state, at a time when the state needed the services of an experienced and prudent accountant that will coordinate the office in line with global best practice, one that will be capable of transforming service delivery to manage the state’s meagre resources while also boosting the state’s Internally Generated Revenue.

    After months of thorough consideration, the state governor settled for Alhaji Malik Anas to fill the highly-demanding position.

    Malik Anas is well suited for this position in all ramifications. Firstly, he is a young man, being the youngest person to be appointed Accountant-General since Katsina State was created. He is also one of the youngest persons that occupy this position nationwide. Secondly Malik Anas has spent all his working life I’m the finance sector, specifically at the state Ministry of Finance which has acquainted him with the inner workings of the ministry and its staff, thus no dubiousness will work on him. Even his enemy knows that Malik Anas knows the job. Fourthly, he always updates himself with latest trends and technology and professional knowledge of how field. Fifthly, Malik Anas is a patriot that has the interest of his state at heart, being resident in the state who only leaves on working trips and returns immediately the work is done with. He is also known to have attracted various development interests to the state. Some of the items of development he has brought to the state are hardly found in the whole northern part of the country.

    These are some of the reasons why the choice of Malik Anas as Accountant-General by Governor Aminu Bello Masari was greeted with joy and celebration, while dubious elements became apprehensive.

    The first policy reeled out by Malik Anas was the adoption of modern financial systems that are practised by financial institutions and governments globally. This new financial system will earn the state $2 million provided the system is well implemented with all its components. It will also present a whole lot of opportunities to the state while the system also simplifies financial dealings as it marks a transformations from analogue to digital format.

    It has become common knowledge how global economies are now transiting to cashless policy. This includes both savings, deposits and transactions.

    When Malik Anas resumed office as Accountant-General, the state had made no previous attempt to transit to cashless policy. He was able to convince the governor and other key government officials on the benefits of adopting the cashless policy, and the implementation started. However I this turned out to be problematic for Malik Anas, as the system blocks loopholes previously used by corrupt officials to siphon public funds. The cashless policy provides a mechanism to trace the movement of every Kobo in all government transactions. It is a beat practice in I. The fight against corruption. I’m the same cien, the system will give Katsina State credibility among international institutions which will draw immense benefits, having earned the reputation of a financially disciplined state.

    This move sent a frightening signal I’m the minds of corrupt government officials that have been accustomed to cutting corners and making huge fortunes on taxpayers’ money. This category of officials planned day and night on how to scuttle the Accountant-General’s policy initiative.

    The second challenge faced by Accountant-General is the case of ghost workers which government officials use as a loophole for stealing government funds. The beneficiaries of his system are so well organized, and they are positioned along different strata of the civil service, having calculated the increments of the salaries of actual civil servants and ghost workers. Sometimes they use they superimpose themselves on the names of riterees of deceased workers, or move on transfer and be receiving double salary

    This system has thrived for years, as it is well organized and is perpetrated with a knowledge of the workings of civil servants’ payroll and the overall salary payment system used in the state.

    Through investigation THE LINKS NEWS got information on those who had their salaries inflated, those who were rigged on the payroll, those who had double payments, and the culprits who said they have repented but confessed that they aided these acts.

    On assumption in office, Malik Anas initiated series of measures to put an end to this malpractice by first reducing it to the barest minimum, after which the perpetrators changed tactics.

    Investigation by THE LINKS NEWS revealed that millions were saved since these meaures were introduced, thereby providing government with more money to execute capital projects for he people. However this has caused Malik Anas bad bloood and grudges among the theiving officials who would have squandered the money on vain luxuries, most of them don’t even spend the largest on their families.

    One of the efficient policies introduced by Malik Anas is the abolition of cash transactions between government and individuals, now replaced by a policy of direct e-payment into company accounts in line with the laid down financial regulations. Importantly, he ensures that taxes and other monies duebto government are deducted from source prior to these payments.

    This policy also infuriated the perpetrators or corruption in the system who can no longer cut corners to shortchange government. However, the state government considers this policy as laudable due to the huge amounts it saves for it and the accountability it has entrenched in the system.

    Officials and business interests that operate fake companies also condemn this anti-corruption policy, and do criticize it at every opportunity.

    The new financial reforms introduced by Malik Anas have been noted to be in line with international best practice in running government finances. Analysis have revealed that without this system in place, Katsina State could earn below it’s current earnings from the federation account. The current feat is made possible by the giant strides of Malik Anas which if sustained could lead to a steady ascension in the state’s revenue drive until it is able to compare favourably with its pairs in accessing funds funds from the federation account which is the primary source of funds utilised for the payment of salaries and other expenditure.

    Running the finances of a state is an affair that requires a level of secrecy, thus revealing some inner aspects of these newly introduced policies may encroach on this, but these are few of the changes introduced by Katsina State government in its Ministry of Finance.

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