10 Things That Kills MEN before Their WIVES


    Men are mostly the head of everything you could think of. They do die before their wives. Many are the cases where you see widows outnumbering the widowers.

    I will put you through the process of finding out what actually kills men before their wives.

    Men are strong hearted and women are soft hearted. There’re times you should let go but men won’t just give up. That doesn’t mean you should give up easily but there’re times you should just give up. Women don’t usually over stress themselves but men will go further not minding the health implications.

    Below are listed the Ten things that kills a man faster before his partner.

    1) Workaholicism: Men strives on different areas of businesses and professions not minding the health implications that may arise from it. Men should explore themselves and work towards their dreams not just working for working sake.

    2) Infidel Partner: When a woman in marriage begins sleeping with other men. Her present husband is due to untimely death. A harlot wife kills her husband spiritually.

    3) Anxiety

    4) Adultery/infidelity: When the man himself is sleeping with every Sandra and Every Anita. Untimely death comes knocking.

    5) Forgotten covenants: Remember that girl you promised marriage why digging her for free and after digging you left her and marries another. Wicked ladies will go extra mile to destroy you including terminating your life.

    6) Excessive Alcohol intake.

    7) Greed/Jealousy.

    8) Anger/Hot temperedness.

    9) Pride: High demand for appraisal therefore leading them into doing something not worth doing.

    10) Over money consciousness. This leads to Ritualism and Ritualism leads to untimely death.


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