FCT, Lagos and Ogun to relax on lockdown

    President Muhammadu Buhari
    • Warn non-domiciled workers to stay away
    • Lagos rolls out guidelines for transporters, commuters as lockdown is relaxed

    The authorities of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Saturday warned workers not-domiciled in the city to keep away during the total lockdown taking off tomorrow.

    The Ogun State government issued a similar warning to residents working outside the state.

    Both the FCTA and the Ogun State government are setting up mobile courts to try violators of the restriction and the curfew, although Governor Dapo Abiodun said the usual relaxation window given to the people to conduct business activities and restock food items, would come up Monday May 4, Wednesday May 6 and Friday May 8 between 7 o’clock in the morning and 5 in the evening.

    The Lagos State government announced new guidelines for transporters to check community spread of COVID-19 virus.

    Transportation Commissioner Frederic Oladeinde said that effective from tomorrow, all commercial and commuter operations within Lagos shall run only from 6a.m to 7p.m daily.

    All commuters are required to wear nose covers, wash their hands with soap under running water and, thereafter, use alcohol-based sanitisers before and after each trip.

    In rolling out the Abuja regulations FCT Minister Muhammad Bello said that security agencies had been mandated to arrest and prosecute, through the mobile courts, anyone found contravening the guidelines.

    He said the FCTA would vigorously enforce 8:00pm to 6:00 am curfew to prevent importation of COVID-19 into the Territory and to enforce the ban on interstate travel.

    He asked all workers who reside outside the FCT to remain wherever they reside until the ban on interstate travel is lifted.

    He said all civil servants in the FCT on Grade level 14 and above are to report for work three times a week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between the hours of 8am and 2pm.

    All workers are to maintain safe distancing protocols of at least two meters and wear face masks at all times while temperature checks and hand sanitizing protocols are to  be strictly adhered to at all entry points and access to offices tightly controlled.

    Markets are to operate only on  Wednesdays and Saturdays between 8:00am and 3:00pm although neighbourhood selling points will be established in various parts of the city to decongest the major markets

    Wearing of face mask is mandatory to gain access to markets in addition to hand washing and sanitizing protocols.

    He added: “Hygiene related protocols are also applicable to supermarkets and neighborhood markets.

    “Banks are to open between the hours of 8:00am and 2:00pm and are to observe temperature checks, hand sanitizing protocols as well as the use of face masks for staff and customers

    “Banks are to limit access by customers to allow for safe distancing reasons and limit the number of staff working on their premises to between 30% and 50%.

    “Restaurants are not open to the public and are encouraged to adopt home delivery services. Similarly, eateries are to practice the take-away system and are to maintain all hand sanitizing, face covering and safe distancing protocols

    “Pharmacies may remain open overnight and are to observe all other protocols as enunciated above.

    “Companies involved in food processing, drug manufacturing and construction can commence operation, subject to following the approved health and safety guidelines

    “Operators of these facilities are mandated to refuse access to anyone not observing the hygiene protocols.”

    All places of worship are to remain closed as are recreational areas/facilities such as clubs, bars, gardens, beer parlors, recreational parks, communal sports facilities, movie theatres.

    The ban on social congregations such as parties, weddings, among other remain in force.

    Commercial motorcycles are prohibited within the FCT including Kubwa and Dutse Alhaji

    Tricycles are to limit their activities to areas already designated and are allowed a maximum of three persons (driver and two passengers).

    Taxis are mandated to carry a maximum of four persons at a time (driver and three persons).

    Buses are to reduce occupancy at any time to 50% of installed capacity.

    We’ll be strict in Ogun, says Abiodun

    Governor Dapo Abiodun said on Facebook yesterday that: “There is a total ban on interstate travel (outside Ogun). If you work in Lagos or any other state but you live in Ogun State, you are not allowed to go to Lagos or any other state and return to Ogun.

    “All schools remain closed, while students will continue with their DigiClass.

    “All essential service personnel will continue to work despite the lockdown.

    “All public religious gatherings remain banned. All pubs, clubs, stadia, public pools, spas, gyms, salons, etc. and all assemblies of more than 15 people remain banned. Restaurants may open on the approved days for take-out meals only.

    “Burials and naming ceremonies are allowed but there must not be more than 15 people including the officiating ministers.”

    He had earlier on Friday night told reporters that mobile courts would be established to prosecute violators of the restrictions and curfew.

    Abiodun said those found guilty would be made to pay fines, perform community service, or both.

    He appealed to transport operators to cooperate with government by carrying 50 percent of their capacity, saying drivers as well as their passengers must always use and be encouraged to use their face mask and warning that  failure to do these, would lead to the confiscation of the vehicle or motorcycle.

    The Governor also reiterated that the usual relaxation window given to the people to conduct business activities and restock food items, would come up Monday May 4, Wednesday May 6 and Friday May 8 respectively, beginning from 7 o’clock in the morning till 5 in the evening.

    “Transporters are permitted to carry a maximum of half their capacity. Taxis are to carry three passengers with the driver, 14 seater buses are to carry seven passengers, tricycles two passengers and Okada one passenger each, with the rider. The drivers should wear face masks and encourage their passengers to do same, failure will lead to the confiscation if he vehicle or motorcycle,” the Governor said.

    Commercial transportation restricted to 6am to 7pm in Lagos

    Transportation Commissioner Frederic Oladeinde told reporters that effective from tomorrow all commercial and commuter operations within Lagos shall run only between 6a.m and 7p.m daily.

    It is mandatory for all commuters to wear nose covers, wash their hands with soap under running water and, thereafter, use alcohol-based sanitisers before and after each trip.

    All inter-state operations and movements are banned.

    Also banned is the operation of motorcycles for commercial purpose in any part of the state.

    Oladeinde asked  all transport operators and companies to  compulsorily and regularly disinfect their vehicles, parks and garages and  collaborate with the State Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources on the standard of disinfectants approved by the state government for use.

    All commercial passenger vehicles, he said, must not exceed 60% of their capacity while physical distancing rule must be obeyed both at the parks and in the buses, maintaining that Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Lagos Bus Services Ltd (LBSL) must not convey more than 21 passengers, must not permit standing in their buses and should keep the air-conditioning systems switched off always.

    “In the same vein, yellow buses, popularly called ‘Danfo’, must not carry more than eight passengers (two on a row), tricycles are to carry just two passengers at the back, while private car owners must also observe the physical distancing,” Oladeinde stated.

    Don’t carry passengers without face masks, MC Oluomo warns drivers

    The Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Lagos State Council, Alhaja Musiliu Akinsanya (aka MC Oluomo), in a statement directed drivers in the state not to allow passengers without face mask board their vehicles.

    He said the union has set up a Task Force Unit to arrest any driver/union member that violates or go against the guidelines.

    According to him, only motor park chairmen and park attendants are allowed to resume at their respective motor parks.

    This, he said, was aimed at reducing crowd at the motor parks.

    The NURTW boss said operational time for commercial buses is between 8am and 7pm, warning that no excuse will be entertained from any driver caught operating after this time.

    “All passengers MUST put on their face mask. Failure to use it, such passenger should not be allowed into their vehicles.

    “Tricycle Owners and Operators Association of Nigeria “TOOAN” (Maruwa operators) are to abide by the Lagos State government’s directive of carrying two passengers at a go.

    “Drivers and their bus conductors are to ensure the practice of social distancing by operating at 60 per cent loading capacity,” he said.

    Akinsanya said the task force to will arrest any union member and driver that violate the guidelines above.


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