Sir, kudos for relocating to the North East and subduing the Boko Haram. Many of us were confident you could do it and you didn’t disappoint us. Today Nigeria is clapping for you. Quite rewarding personally knowing how much concerned and committed you are about bringing an end to the wanton destruction of lives and properties in the North East for a regime of peace and tranquility to take over. Today you are almost there. You have shamed cynics and 5th columnists by living up to the professionalism that stood you out among many to earn the confidence of President Buhari.

It’s not yet time to rest on your oars though. The North West is burning sir. Particularly Katsina State. Please don’t relocate back to Abuja after the resounding victory you achieved in the North East, relocate to Katsina State. People are daily being killed senselessly and a large part of the state is now some sort of a human abattoir. People are dying without knowing why and it’s obvious the government has overstretched its limits and citizens are more of less left to their devices; left with no option but to be sitting ducks for bandits to kill at will.

It’s not an exaggeration to say no citizen of Jibia, Batsari, Safana, Danmusa and Kankara LGAs — the 5 LGAs that constitutes the epicenter of the ongoing regime of blood and hopelessness in Katsina State, is not affected either directly or remotely by this preventable pogrom that defies sense and logic. Hitherto well to do and peaceful communities in these LGAs are now ghost villages with only burnt houses and mass graves as proofs of once successful, happy and law abiding communities.

Sir, it’s quite touching to hear that the lucky citizens of these lost communities are who escaped with nothing but their lives and sent into the wilderness of life with no idea where to begin from. The unlucky ones are the occupants of the mass graves mentioned earlier — left behind to tell a silent story of the brutality these communities tried to endure but failed. This is a story to be told more clearly by women that were widowed prematurely and the children orphaned and left to in the care of a world in perpetual chaos.

The sad story of Katsina State did not end there sir. Dandume, Faskari and Sabuwa is another theater of needless preventable bloodshed. In a practical sense, villagers in these LGAs sleep with only one eye closed. The arrangement in these communities is for one part of a village to alternately sleep while the other keep guard on any day. Still, that’s not enough to keep them safe. These communities are still harassed and senselessly murdered almost on weekly basis. Their story is a story of hopelessness, helplessness and a seeming unending pain.

The State Government, out of desperation and limited options, has experimented with the short term option of reconciliation and peace overtures. It’s obvious the option failed to provide succor and relief for these communities. It could even be said the experiment only emboldened these criminals believing KTSG was forced into that position by their superior fire power. In any case, the option is unsustainable as Government lack the resources to always appease lawless bandits even if one decide to discount the wrong signal negotiating peace with bandits would be sending to the public.

It’s the motive of this message sir, to highlight the need for the full deployment of the “cane option.” These bandits are so emboldened that the only language they will hear is their language of violence and nothing else. This is a plea to you sir, please save Katsina State. I have no doubt in your capacity to restore Katsina State back to normalcy. I have no doubt you are compassionate and professionally competent to end this pogrom. You’ve done it before and you can do it again. Please deploy everything at your disposal to stop the bloodshed in Katsina.

May Allah SWT increase you in courage and make it easy for you to achieve more success in making Nigeria a peaceful country.


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