The WhatsApp social media platform, Katsina City News, has paid the fines for several prisoners and set them free and also provided feeding for some internally displaced persons from Batsari, Safana and Kankara.and some less privilege in katsina area,

    The platform gathered money for these gesture through donations from its members after the grouped announced that every member should donate at least the sum of N2,000 which many members contributed.

    The group is made of members with different political opinions, religious inclinations, and professions, to debate on issues that will promote development in Katsina State and the country.

    It was in the platform that members considered the plight of IDPs and less privileged people, and it was suggested that a fund be established with trusted people to coordinate it under the leadership of Alhaji lawal Aliyu Daura former head of service katsina state, Malam Ibrahim Ahmad katsina and twenty one others .

    Many people made donations in cash, they include Deputy Governor, QS Mannir Yakubu, Alhaji Dahiru Usman Sarki, the CEO of Danmarna Filling stations Alhaji idris Tune head of service katsina state.Alhaji Lamis Dikko Ajiyan Katsina, Alhaji mustafa Musa yar adua, Hon. Bala Banye, Alhaji Murtala Safana, the state PDP office, NUJ Katsina State Council, mobile media Crew and many others.

    The platform also set up three committees, a committee under Barrister Ahmad Danbaba which has mandate to pay fines of prisoners and set them free, another Committee led by Hajiya Murja saulawa which has the mandate to buy relief items, and the third Committee under Dr. Habib of FMC Katsina to coordinate the distribution of relief materials. All three committees have performed satisfactory.

    IDPs from Safana, Batsari and Kankara have benefitted from the relief items donated, and other less privileged people in communities within Katsina also benefitted.

    This is the fifth time Katsina City News has engaged in social interventions, aside prayers for the return of peace during armed banditry attacks, and offering advice to the Katsina State government.

    The group was created in 2015 and is the only platform that conducts its activities without promoting any political movement, sectarian affiliation or discrimination on any other basis. The group focuses on uniting the people of Katsina State under a platform that will bring about development while respecting everyone’s political, sectarian and social ideologies.
    Muhammad Danjuma katsina
    Adm..and creator of the platform


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