First One Billion Naira Car, Bugatti Veyron Lands In Nigeria


    The first Bugatti Veyron to be seen in Nigeria is owned by an Abuja-based businessman, Aliyu Abubakar, Chairman of AA Oil.

    The cost of a Bugatti, a French luxury car with only three models — Veyron, Chiron and Divo — typically ranges from $1.7 million [1,700,000.00 USD = 663,848,300.00 Naira at today’s value of one million and seven hundred thousand US Dollar to Nigerian naira, according to the recent foreign exchange rate 390.000025], to $3 million [1,170,000,075 Naira].

    Its newest Divo hypercar model, which sold out in one day, has a ticket price of $5.8 million as at September 19, 2018.


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