His Excellency Zamfara State Executive Governor Hon Dr.Bello Mohammed MON (Matawallen Maradun) has charged parents and guardians in the state to use all resources available to them in giving their children and wards sound education while preparing them as future leaders.

    Matawalle made this statement today at a statewide broadcast to commemorate the 2020 Children’s Day in the state.

    He said the state government has dedicated 18.5% of its 2020 budget to the education sector with the believe that if children’s education is not given the attention it deserves, the future of our society will be bleak noting that Education, though a long-time investment, is the bedrock of societal development.

    He called for more sound policies and programmes that will improve the wellbeing of Nigerian children as investing in them is akin to investing in our future because children of today are the ones to take over the mantle of societal affairs tomorrow saying we must, therefore, mobilise all the resources at our disposal towards ensuring that they receive the best in terms of education, healthcare, moral and religious training.

    He lamented that children are subjected to high rates of child mortality, illiteracy and subjection to all forms of inhuman treatments because most of them lack sound education which they can apply to stand and fight for their rights.

    “As Muslims, we already know that long before the emergence of the contemporary clamour for the protection of the rights of children, Islam had evolved social and religious institutions that guarantee the entire social and natural rights as well as freedoms of children. These institutions, such as Islamic family and Madrasah, are still playing dominant roles in teaching social and religious values into our children and preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow. We must, therefore, continue to play our leading role of according them all the necessary care and training so that they can adequately step into our shoes when we leave the stage,” he said.

    He said under the current COVID – 19 pandemic, children, parents and teachers must come together to utilize the situation of lockdown to mentor the children to study at home so that they can easily catch up after the pandemic.

    He congratulated the children in the state for witnessing another special day set for their cause but this time around under the COVID – 19 pandemic urging them not to overburden their parents who are also struggling to make ends meet.
    DG media .
    Zamfara state


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