Another Possible COVID-19 Casualty Reality


Truly, one of the darkest moments of a Doctor life is when they couldn’t help save the life of a Colleague, friend and one of their own!

Dr Naseer Adam was one of the most hardworking, humble, kind, generous, industrious and down to the earth Clinician that I have recently come across.

Because of his empathy and generosity almost all the indigent patients want to see him as he will review them, prescribed, pay for the medication he prescribed and give them transport fare.

His mother told me that half of his monthly salary is shared among family members.

About 3 weeks ago, he evaluated and managed a patient with Acute Respiratory Infection at the Outpatient clinic, But when the patient returned the next day due to worsening breathlessness, he informed me and we reviewed together and isolate the patient whose result return positive for COVID-19.

Following the medical advice, 3 of us including the house officer observed and completed 2 weeks home self isolation and self monitoring without any symptom and then resumed duty thereafter while observing safety precaution including facemask social distancing and frequent hand sanitizing.

About 3 days ago, he started having running nose, dry cough and mild fever which he attributed to sleeping at the corridor of his apartment because of heat. He took some antibiotics, antihistamines and pcm with no improvement but increasing difficulty in breathing and lethargy.

He then reported to the emergency unit. He was reviewed and positive findings include facial puffiness extending to the neck with feeble pulse, unrecordable BP, Spo2 70%, widespread rhonchi, RBS 15 mmol/l, widespread maculopapular rashes and anuria.

Immediately commenced on IVF N/S, BSA, antimal, 100% O2, dopamine + saline infusion, nebulize salbutamol and iv hydrocortisone and attention of DSNO called upon for the possibility of COVID-19 Pneumonitis.

Almost immediately respiratory distress start to improved, SPO2 99%, RBS 11.8 mmol/l, then 9.5 mmol/l, BP appreciate 80/60 mmhg, start to make adequate urine, DSNO and team arrived counsel him and took his sample.

Then, I said to him Doc you are doing well I will be back in a jiffy. He could now complete a sentence and he said to me thank you chief with smile on his face.

On my way to the kitchen, MD called to know how he’s doing and happily i replied he’s improving Sir. As I dropped MD’s, the Casualty Officer called and informed me that he gave up! Bewildered I asked how?! What happened?! He narrated that he sit up and asked his mom for water and after a sip he coughed and slumped and before they could reach his bedside from about 5 meter situated nursing station where they were all sitting, he’s gone! and all attempt at CPR prove abortive.

Finding it difficult to believe, I rushed down to the emergency unit and met him lifeless, re-examined him all over again, then its now dawn on me the bitter reality that Dr Naseer Adam is gone forever!
Ya Allah! For the sake of Your Holy Prophet S.A.W grant Your servant Naseer Adam jannatul firdaus. Give the family, friends, Colleagues the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. Aameen Ya Allah.

Dr. Abbas Bello


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