Top nine coronavirus myths in Africa


    If you log on social media, almost everyone is talking about COVID-19. The outbreak has become a trending topic on all platforms.

    But because COVID-19 is still relatively new, a lot of misinformation and false facts have surfaced across the web.
    So it is important to know what is true and what is not. Here are the nine myths in Africa circulating about COVID-19:

    1. Mosquitoes spread coronavirus (False)

    2. Useless remedies (antibodies, hydroxychloroquine) can stop Coronavirus (False)

    3. Fantastic remedies (sesame oil rubbed on your body, child’s urine, herbal remedies) can stop Coronavirus (False)

    4. Ordering or buying products shipped from China will make a person infected.

    This is false as there is no evidence to show that there has been transmission through packages.

    5. Children are immune to coronavirus (false)

    6. Coronavirus is a conspiracy by Big Pharma (big pharmaceutical companies) – False

    7. Coronavirus is a biological weapon (false)

    8. 5G causes or worsens Coronavirus (fake)

    9. A conspiracy (to take down a famous person) – false


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